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Yamaha YSV-1 Multi Channel Headphone Preamp

by September 09, 2006
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Yamaha had a prototype headphone solution that we found extremely interesting. The Yamaha YSV-1 is a headphone system that attempts to recreate the sound of your home theater through a set of headphones. The way it works is you place a set of ear-buds in your ears that are essentially microphones. The YSV-1 then sends test tones through your home theater system and takes measurements. You hook your headphones into the YSV-1 and you can have a full surround experience. The neat part was that there was an IR transmitter on the top of the headset and a reciever placed on the wall at the front of the theater. When you turned you head, the sound would stay anchored in place (up to 15 degrees in each direction). Overall, it was a very interesting if a bit gimicky demonstration. We can think of a number of interesting applications of this technology and we look forward to seeing how Yamaha handles it.

For more information please visit www.yamaha.com .

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