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Sonic Impact Video 55 Adapter

by September 09, 2006
Filed under: Miscellaneous
Expanding their line of premium mobile iPod® accessories, Sonic Impact, makers of the highly-popular i-Fusion TM and T-Amp TM, introduces the first mobile iPod Video player. Called Sonic Impact Video 55, the product combines the T-Amp speaker technology for quality sound with the portability features of the i-Fusion for a truly unique iPod Video viewing system.

Sonic Impact Video 55 is engineered to maximize video portability. Featuring a seven inch widescreen LCD, it condenses all the elements needed for premium iPod Video viewing-speakers, screen, iPod Video and connectors into one case that is easy to carry and virtually impossible to damage. Additionally, it features the MaxxBass Psycho-Acoustic Technology bass response and advanced digital amplifier and matched Neodymium speaker drivers based off of Sonic Impact's celebrated T-Amp speaker system.

Granted the official "Made for iPod" designation by Apple, the Video 55 is like a mini television screen and boom box all built within a rugged storage case for the iPod Video. In addition to the video and speaker systems and docking station, the case features a pop open door for storing any size iPod and a second compartment with a lithium ion battery and room for storing earbuds. Users can fully protect their sound system and iPod as well as downsize their travel items from three to one.

The Video 55's design makes it an ideal accessory for all types of iPod Video users in all types of travel and leisure situations -- from families on camping vacations, college kids at the beach, professionals on business trips to couples sitting on their back porches.

The system also features a built-in iPod Docking Station Connector for playing, downloading and recharging. Video 55 can play videos up to three hours and it features an AC adaptor and car power adaptor. Sonic Impact engineers chose the optimal materials, size and density of the hard case to optimize the audio output.

Highlights & Features:

  • 7-inch widescreen LCD, featuring an output resolution of 480 by 234.
  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery.
  • Remote control.
  • Car power adaptor.
  • Features a built-in iPod Docking Station Connector for playing, downloading and recharging.
  • Recharges iPod while docked.
  • Port for downloading iPod while docked.
  • Storage compartment for iPod and for earbuds when not in use.
  • Advanced digital amplifier and neodymium speaker drivers.
  • Auto standby mode to save battery and battery charge display.
  • Durable hard cover case to store and protect your built-in video screen, speakers and iPod.
  • 3.5 mm input jack allows playing of older, non-docking iPods, as well as other portable devices such as laptops, DVD players, etc.
  • Weights two pounds, six ounces.
  • Matching carrying strap for easy portability.
At a suggested retail price of $299, Video 55 will be available at Apple Stores, Target Stores, Circuit City, Apple.com and many other retail locations. For more information visit Sonic Impact at www.si5.com

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