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Snell LCR7 30th Anniversary Speakers

by September 09, 2006
Filed under: Loudspeakers

The LCR7 30th Anniversary Edition marks Snell's 30th year as a premium speaker manufacturer. The speaker is a D'Appolito Array, named for Snell's chief Engineer, Joe D'Appolito Ph.D. This driver arrangement makes the woofers and tweeter appear to play from the same point, regardless of listening position. The result is a palpable level of realism, rarely heard from music or theater speak- ers .

The LCR7 features SEAS XL tweeter and woofers, drivers that solve the mechanical problems causing break-up and distortion, and Snell's "Quiet Box" cabinet, a unique three layer wall design. The LCR7 30th Anniversary Edition is a compact LCR (for left, center, right) that can reach sound pressures of 110dB, while preserving microdynamics and nuance typical of a live acoustic performance.

Design: Acoustic Suspension D'Appolito Array
> Frequency Response: 75Hz-22kHz+3dB
Sensitivity: 90dB
> Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
Crossover Frequency: 2.0kHz
> Recommended Amplifier Power: 50-300Watts
Maximum Output: (per pair) 110dB
> Placement: Stand, Wall, or Shelf
Dispersion Angle (+1dB of on axis response)
> Horizontal: +15 degrees
Vertical: +15 degrees
> Drive Units Tweeter: 1-inch SEAS Silk Dome
Woofer: Two 5.25-inch SEAS Treated Paper, 5mm Excursion
> Video Shielding: Standard
> Height: 19-inches
Width: 7-inches
> Depth: 8.75-inches
> Cabinet: Real Cherry Veneer
Hand Rubbed Satin Black
> Most Wood and Paint Finishes Available
Grille: Silver or Black Perforated Metal 53% Open
> End Caps: Solid Aluminum Plate, Anodized Silver or Black

For more information visit www.snellacoustics.com

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