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NAD Masters Series M15 Surround Sound Preamp

by September 09, 2006
Filed under: Receivers/Processors

The Masters Series M15 Surround Sound Preamplifier features innovative circuit design, proprietary operating and decoding software and premium quality parts. The M15 offers the latest in digital video connections with two HDMI inputs making it a practical choice for high definition viewing. And the M15 includes the Masters Series HTRM (Home Theater Remote-Masters Series). Not only will the HTRM learn the command for any component, it is easy to use and navigate.

M15 Surround Sound Preamplifier features:

  • THX Ultra 2 Certified
  • 6 AV Inputs with Composite and S-Video
  • 3 HD Component Video Inputs
  • [IMGP2694001] 4 Coax and 4 Optical Digital inputs
  • 4 Analog Stereo Inputs
  • Tape Monitor
  • 7.1 Direct Analog Input
  • Dolby Digital EX, ProLogic IIx (movies and music), DTS ES, DTS 96/24, Neo:6, THX EX, THX Cinema, THX Music, EARS, Enhanced Stereo, Stereo Bypass
  • Video upconversion; Composite and S-Video inputs available on Component Video output
  • HDMI connection - 2 inputs, 1 output
  • OSD available on Component Video output
  • OSD chip is completely bypassed when not selected
  • "Direct" Component Video output without OSD
  • Lip sync compensation - (option to 100mS)
  • Flexible Bass Management including individual crossover frequencies for Front, Center, and Surround speakers
  • Digital domain tone controls with center channel "dialog" control
  • RS-232 interface for advanced custom installations
  • 12V Triggers for advanced control options, 1 In and 3 Out
  • 3.5mm IR Control jacks, 1 In and 2 Out
  • Second zone AV output with zone OSD available
  • Four dual differential 24 bit, 192 kHz DACs
  • Dynamic Headroom Scaling for optimum resolution and S/N ratio for all program and decoding combinations
  • Linear Power Supply with custom Toroidal transformer with proprietary shielding to eliminate EMF leakage
  • Switched AC Outlet
  • Detachable AC cord
  • 8 Device HTR M Illuminated Learning Remote control with LCD display
  • ZR 2 Second Zone Remote
  • MSRP $3000

For more information visit www.nadelectronics.com .

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