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Algolith HDMI Flea

by September 09, 2006
Filed under: Audio/Video Processors

Algolith was showing off their HDMI version of their Flea - a device designed to reduce artifacts and noise brought on my compression. They've had an analog version of the Flea available for some time but were just unrolling their HDMI version. The Flea doesn't do any upscaling so if you send it a 480p signal, it will output a 480p signal. Algolith claims that their Flea doesn't significantly increase signal time so that you shouldn't have any problem with the audio suddenly becoming out of sync. Their demo showed half a screen unprocessed and the other half processed. They were feeding a 480p signal from an OPPO player. There was definitely a noticeably reduction in noise in the demo though a convention floor is not the best environment for testing. Both the analog and the HDMI Flea retails for $995. For more information, visit www.algolith.com .


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