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Wayne Kerr 6420 Impedance Analyzer & LCR Meter

by September 09, 2004
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Wayne Kerr 6420 Impedance Analyzer

Wayne Kerr 6420 Impedance Analyzer

6420 Precision Impedance Analyzer and LCR Meter: Comprehensive Measurement Functions

The Wayne Kerr 6420 serves as the Audioholics primary test equipment device for measuring and analyzing cables!

Key Features


0.1% Basic Accuracy Up to 10MHz Frequency


1 Hz Frequency Step Resolution


Comprehensive measurement functions


Straight forward intuitive operation Optional DC Voltage and Current Bias


Graphical sweep mode (impedance mode)


GPIB,RS-232, Printer Port interfaces


Comprehensive measurement functions.


Providing all the well-known measurement parameters: Impedance |Z|, Admittance |Y|, Phase Angle(?), Reactance(X), Conductance(G), Susceptance(B), Inductance(L), Capacitance(C), Quality Factor(Q), Dissipation Factor(D), DC Resistance(DCR).


Continuous frequency range from 40Hz -10MHz


Providing a continuous Variable frequency from 40Hz~ 10MHz at 1Hz step resolution, test all components at the desired test frequency, allowing a component to be test at a actual operating frequency.


Graphical sweep


Graph the parameter against frequency or AC drive level. Characterize a component graphically, helps the engineer understand how the component perform under different conditions.


Fast! Accurate! Repeatable! measurements


Testing components is easy with 6420 Impedance Analyzer. just connect the component and the analyzer accurately measures the component value displaying selected primary and secondary. with a basic accuracy of 0.1%. Connection to the component is made using one of a range of 4 terminal Kelvin connectors.


Excellent performance !! Frequency up to 10MHz !!


With excellent performance, 40Hz to 10MHz continuous measurement frequency, 0.1% basic accuracy, comprehensive measurement functions and GPIB, RS-232 and handler interfaces. The 6420 Impedance analyzer provides you total solutation.


Flexible, full remote control


Providing control and output capability. The 6420 offers three useful interface as standard. GPIB, RS-232, Handler and Printer Port , Making remote control and printing straightforward.


6420 Impedance Analyzer & LCR Meter Specifications

(Wayne Kerr Electronics Inc. reserves the right to change specification without notice)

Measurement Parameters

Any of the following parameters can be measured and displayed:


DC Functions


Resistance (Rdc).


AC Functions


Capacitance (C), Inductance (L), Resistance (R), Conductance (G), Susceptance (B), Reactance (X), Dissipation Factor (D), Quality Factor (Q), Impedance (Z), Admittance (Y) and Phase Angle ( q ).

The following display formats are available:


Series or Parallel Equivalent Circuit


Series Equivalent Circuit Only


Parallel Equivalent Circuit Only


Polar Form

Test Conditions


AC Drive


Frequency Range
20Hz to 10MHz (6420C)
20Hz to 5MHz (6420B)
20Hz to 3MHz (6420A)
20Hz to 500kHz (6420)


Resolution: 5 digits

Drive Level (AC & DC Measurements)

Open Circuit Voltage

Short Circuit Current

Frequency Range

10mV to 2V rms

100µA to 20mA rms

DC to 5MHz

10mV to 1.2V rms

100µA to 12mA rms

5MHz to 10MHz

Signal source impedance: 100O nominal


Resolution: 10mV
> Accuracy for open circuit voltage:
For frequency < 1MHz 1%±5mV
> For frequency > 1MHz 2.5% ±10mV

AC Measurement Speeds

Four selectable speeds for all measurement functions. Selecting slower measurement speed increases reading resolution and reduces measurement noise by averaging.

The following measurement periods apply for AC measurements ³ 1kHz.


Maximum speed» 80ms


Fast speed» 150ms


Medium speed » 450ms


Slow speed» 600ms

DC Measurement Speeds

Four selectable speeds for Rdc measurement function. Selecting slower measurement speed increases reading resolution and reduces measurement noise by averaging.


Maximum speed» 30ms


Fast speed» 60ms


Medium speed » 120ms


Slow speed» 900ms

Display Ranges

R, Z , X

0.01mO to 1GO

G, Y, B

0.001nS to 1S


0.001uH to > 100kH


0.001pF to > 1F


0.00001 to > 1000


0.01 to > 1000


0.01mO to > 100MO

Modes Of Operation



Selection of any measurement parameter and test condition.


Single-level function-menu controlled by keypad and soft keys.


Single and repetitive measurements displaying major and minor terms.


Analogue scale with configurable Hi/Lo limits giving PASS/FAIL indication.



Measurement parameters and test conditions set using MULTI-STEP SET MODE.


Up to 30 steps with configurable limits.


PASS/FAIL indication.

Graph (Optional)


Measurement parameters and test conditions set using GRAPH SET MODE.


Graphical sweep vs. frequency with selection of start frequency, stop frequency and step size. Linear/log scaling available on all measurement parameters.


Graph may be directly plotted on a printer or saved to a file over GPIB.

Measurement Connections


4 front panel BNC connectors with the screens at ground potential.


Terminals withstand connection of charged capacitor up to 5V, either polarity.


Power Supply

Input Voltage

115V AC ±10% or 230V AC ±10% (selectable)



VA rating

150VA max

Input fuse rating

115V/230V operation: 3AT


The input fuse is in the fuse holder drawer integral to the IEC input connector.



High contrast black and white LCD module 320 x 240 pixels with CPL back lighting.


Visible area 115 x 86mm.

Printer Output

Remote Control

Remote Trigger
Rear panel phone jack with internal pull-up, operates on logic low or contact closure.



150mm (5.9")


440mm (17.37")


525mm (20.5")



Environmental Conditions

Temperature Range

Storage: -40°C to +70°C.
Operating: 0°C to 40°C.
Normal accuracy: 15°C to 35°C.

Relative Humidity


Installation Category

Pollution Degree






Price (USD)










Contact Information:
Wayne Kerr Electronics
165L New Boston Street
Woburn , MA 01801



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