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RBH Sound MC-6CT Floorstanding Speaker First Look




  • Product Name: MC-6CT
  • Manufacturer: RBH
  • Review Date: September 21, 2009 03:55
  • MSRP: $1,369/pair
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool
  • Buy Now
System Type: Tower Speaker
Frequency Response: 40Hz-20kHz (±3dB)
Sensitivity: 87dB (2.83V @ 1 Meter)
Recommended Power: 50 - 200 Watts
Drive Units: (3) 6-1/2" (165mm) Aluminum Cone Woofers
                   (1) 1" (25mm) Aluminum Dome Tweeter
Tweeter Protection: Yes
Crossover Frequency: 100Hz, 3,000Hz
Crossover: 12dB/Octave
Impedance: 6 Ohms
Cabinet Material: Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
Cabinet Finish: Black Oak Woodgrain

Dimensions: 40" H x 7-3/4" W x 11-1/2" D
Weight: 55lbs (24.95kg)

Warranty: 5 years


Executive Overview

RBH, long known in enthusiast's circles for accurate sound at reasonable prices, has upgraded their MC-6CT floorstanding tower speakers. The MC-6CT are the flagship of the MC line and have won numerous awards over the years. The MC-6CT stands 40" high on a brand new plinth added for additional stability. Rubber feet or carpet spikes are included. The Cherry finish has been dropped in favor of a Black Oak woodgrain. They also added a port to the front of the speaker. This allows for more bass output. For those interested in stability and bass, RBH Sound has already scored some points.

MC-6CT_old.jpg                mc6ctgrilloff.jpg

Original                     Redesign

mc6ctgrillon.jpgThe driver compliment is the same with three 6.5" aluminum cone woofers and a 1" aluminum dome tweeter. The difference is that the two bottom woofers have been moved up nearer the top woofer for a more integrated look. This also allows for a less universal grill which makes for a more interesting aesthetic. Because of the driver location and port addition, the crossover had to be redesigned. When all was said and done, RBH has eeked an additional 5Hz of bass extension over the previous incarnation of the MC-6CTs (down to 35Hz rather than 40Hz). We've always found that RBH is conservative with their ratings (especially in-room) so don't be surprised if you experience deeper, authoritative bass below that rating point.

The MC-6CT always had a Resonance Damping Alloy Baffle but now it is 220% larger allowing it to better damp cabinet vibrations and minimize tweeter diffraction. You'd think that the MC-6CTs wouldn't have much problem with cabinet vibrations with the 3/4" MDF construction but RBH Sound isn't taking any chances. 

The most exciting part of these changes is not that the speaker has been improved - that's to be expected. What's exciting is that RBH Sound isn't raising the price from the original 2008 level. The new speakers will retail for $1,369 a pair and are shipping now.


Upgrading without raising the price of the speaker? Apparently someone over at RBH Sound didn't go to the same business school most speaker manufacturers attended. With additional bass, a steadier speaker, upgraded front baffle, identical pricing, and a better all around aesthetic, the only thing you're missing from the original MC-6CTs is a Cherry veneer. Seems like a fair trade-off to us.

For more information, please visit www.rbhsound.com.

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Recent Forum Posts:

ozmedia posts on October 13, 2009 13:21
jdmccall, post: 631767
I tend to think it's due to that aluminum mid/bass driver, but I'm not sure.

Another observation: These speakers are rated only 87dB sensitivity…

I'm big on 2-channel too! I actually don't like 5.1/7.1 at all, except for in the highest quality, large home theatre rooms where you can really pound out high SPLs.

I just added a pair of the new model to my soundroom too, in place of the older MC-6CTs. You are right in that aluminum offers the detail but it also offers incredible power handling. RBH has pretty ,much perfected using their proprietary aluminum cones. A steep curve allows them to roll of the upper lows so they cross over before the cone begins to ring, the result is an almost seamless FR, no holes as found in many others.

These speakers will almost never bottom out on you, as many others at far higher process will do. As for headbangers, these speakers kick butt, I throw everything through them from Bach to Black Label Society, and Johann rocks them as much as Zakk Wylde does.

Don't be mislead by the sensitivity rating, ALL RBH speakers like power, and can take everything you throw at them without bottoming out, but they are still really nice and very full at low levels too, anyone can drive a set without the need for monoblocks.

RBH specs are extremely misleading and I often wish they would play everyone else's game and start offering their FR based on some ridiculous curve that shows them all as 20-20 because so many people actually judge speakers based on such silly, advertised, specifications.

NOTE: The new plinths are MUCH better than the ones used for the TK's!!

jdmccall posts on October 06, 2009 02:43
2-channel here, thank you very much!

I still intend to write a more detailed impression, but I'm having trouble getting time to even listen, so when I do, I just want to enjoy…and enjoy I do.

I'm really lovin' these things so far! They have a way of making even average recordings sound really, really good. I don't know how they do it; I don't know what factors are coming into play here, but I like it! Yet they don't seem to limit resolution on better recordings either…well, maybe a little compared to say, the B&W 703's I had for a year. But I consider that a great trade-off that I would gladly take every time because so much great pop music is of rather shabby recording quality. But make no mistake, I don't feel cheated of detail! I feel I'm hearing things I haven't heard before, or at least, that I haven't heard for a long time. I tend to think it's due to that aluminum mid/bass driver, but I'm not sure.

Another observation: These speakers are rated only 87dB sensitivity, but they “play” loud, if you know what I mean. This, I definitely attribute to what sounds to my ears like a flat in-room response. I had a pair of Mo-Fi OML-2's that although they sounded wonderful, they just couldn't rock! They were so laid back in the mids that no matter how much I cranked them up, they just never would sound loud enough. And I was driving them with an Adcom GFA5500! I have merely a little (conservatively rated) 85W Onkyo integrated pushing the RBH speakers.

Also, these speakers sound really nice at low volumes. That may sound like faint praise, but I do a lot of late-night listening at low levels, so as not to disturb the lady of the house and the three upstarts. And one of my biggest gripes with the klipsch la scala II's I had for 9 months was that they did not sound too good at these low levels. Coulda been an amp thing, though. Whatever the case, these hold together well.

And yes, they get loud well, too. Although to be honest, I really haven't pushed them too hard, yet. But so far, so good, they have remained clean and “at ease” at the loudest levels I have attained -probably in the 90-95 dB range. Again, I credit those aluminum drivers, although that's just a hunch.

Let me put it like this: Since ending my six-year relationship with a beautiful pair of oak klipschorns in ‘03, I’m now on my seventh pairs of speakers in my main two-channel system (B&W 703; a/d/s/ HT400; MoFi OML2; Klipsch La Scala II; Polk LSi9; Energy RC50 and now the RBH MC6CT)…and yes, I do feel like such an audio slut…I really should seek help. -hahaha …but I digress…
…the point is, this little $1369 (msrp) pair of speakers can run with the big dogs! No, they don't have the clarity and slam of the big klipsch full-range horns, and no, they aren't as refined as the B&W's, or as lush as the Mo-Fi's, but DAY-UM!! …these things just flat sound great!!! I think the biggest compliment I can pay them is just the simple fact that I am listening ALL THE TIME, to the limit my schedule will allow, at least. I hate turning the system off. I listen for hours on end with no listener fatigue. I just sit there in front of them and grin like the village idiot, wondering how they can sound this good…especially for for the money I paid.

I know auditory memory is notoriously bad (maybe a good thing?), but I'm having a hard time imagining anything I've heard, even at multiples of their price, knocking these “little” RBH floor-standers out of my family room any time soon!
gene posts on September 30, 2009 14:17
They sound cleaner and more dynamic with the subs handling the deep stuff. Right now, I'm using the 80Hz/1st order high-pass filter to the speakers, while the subs are set to roll off above 60Hz. I could probably get by just fine with the subs rolling out at 50Hz for that matter.

If you are only running 2CH that is fine but be careful if you're running 5.1 as if you set the Xover for the sub too low, you will truncate LFE info.
jdmccall posts on September 29, 2009 17:20
I've done a fair amount of listening to the new rbh's, but to be honest, I'm just enjoying them too much to do the “tweak, measure & tweak tango”. I put on some Nelly last night -whoa, these things will flat get it on! ‘Course, the two Velo DLS4000R subs help. ("Yeah, I know; I’m supposed to be reporting on the speakers, not the system, but I can't help it!) I did try them full-range and while they did fine on their own, the subs just really free them up to shine! They sound cleaner and more dynamic with the subs handling the deep stuff. Right now, I'm using the 80Hz/1st order high-pass filter to the speakers, while the subs are set to roll off above 60Hz. I could probably get by just fine with the subs rolling out at 50Hz for that matter.

A little aside: At the outfit from which I purchased these, Audio Input, of Joplin MO, they sell Paradigm and Klipsch and RBH. ALL the guys working there own RBH. Make of it what you will.
fredk posts on September 26, 2009 21:25
After leaving them on all night, they seem to be mellowing out a wee bit already…or it could be my imagination.
Nope, its your brain. Music on a good system has that effect on people.
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