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GoldenEar Triton Seven Floorstanding Loudspeaker Preview

GoldenEar Triton Seven

GoldenEar Triton Seven


  • Product Name: Triton Seven
  • Manufacturer: GoldenEar
  • Review Date: January 08, 2013 01:00
  • MSRP: $699/ea
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool

  • Dimensions: 40-1/4” H x 5-3/4” W (front), 7-1/4” W (rear) x 11” D (base dimensions: 14-1/2”D x 10-1/2”W)
  • Frequency Response: 29 Hz-35 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 89 dB
  • Nominal Impedance: Compatible with 8 ohms
  • Driver Complement: Two 5.25” cast spiderleg-basket bass/midrange drivers, One High- Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR™) high frequency radiator, Two 8” planar sub-bass radiators
  • Recommended Amp. 10-300 watts
  • Weight: 31 lbs
  • Availability: Spring 2013



The new Triton Seven ($699.99 ea.) debuted at CES 2013 today.  It's said to brings it legendary Triton Series performance into a more compact size and even more affordable price range. The new Triton Seven follows in this auspicious tradition. Although it is the first Triton Tower without a built-in powered subwoofer, GoldenEar claims it still achieves superbly deep, subwoofer-like impactful bass performance by combining advanced technology drivers with their highly evolved and sophisticated bass-loading technologies.

The Seven’s unique cabinet shape was designed both acoustically purposeful as well as for aesthetics reasons. Its stylish rearward rake, in conjunction with the complex crossover, both aligns the driver array precisely for a coherent wave-launch directed at ear level at the listening position, as well as results in non-parallel front and rear baffles for better control of internal standing waves.  And, of course, the non-parallel side cabinet walls and slanted top provide the same acoustical performance benefit, as well as looking great.  The Seven’s precise and totally boxless imaging characteristics are further enhanced by the narrow front baffle, as well as the diffractionless designer grille cloth sock which adds additional sheer damping to the cabinet. In addition, the beautifully sculpted piano-gloss black base adds significantly to the Seven’s dynamic stability.

Like the signature Triton Two, the Seven combines a D’Appolito array of bass midrange drivers, which surround the same, now famous, High Velocity Folded Ribbon Driver (HVFR™), used in both the Triton Two and Three. The HVFR™ tweeter functions by pressurizing the air, rather than pushing and pulling it, for much better impedance matching with the air. This results in superb extension combined with a silky smooth non-fatiguing character, which is both unique and extraordinary. The spiderleg cast-basket 5.25” bass/midrange drivers, newly developed at our Arnprior, Canada engineering facility, have been specifically designed for exceptionally long-throw for tremendous dynamic range and extraordinarily deep bass response.

In addition, their precisely curved cone combined with a specially formulated polypropylene cone material and unique apical glue bonding technique is said to deliver superb high-definition midrange clarity and presence.  Like the two larger Tritons, the Seven incorporates 2 side-mounted sub-bass radiators that are located on either side of the cabinet down near the floor for optimum coupling to the room.  As with all GoldenEar speakers, development work is conducted at our Arnprior engineering facility utilizing their full-size anechoic chamber, which is an exact duplicate of the chamber at the NRC in Ottawa Canada, in combination with intense critical listening.

We think these babies are loaded up with a lot of good parts and engineering for their modest asking price.  We have always enjoyed GoldenEar speaker demos at the various trade shows.  GoldenEar is so confident about the Triton Seven’s high-resolution sonic performance that they believe it makes them perfect for the highest quality two channel systems as well as the best multi-channel music and home theater systems.  Perhaps you can share your experiences with these speakers or other Triton towers on our forums and let us know if you agree with their sentiments.


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