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Fluance XL7F Floorstanding Loudspeaker Conclusion



I must confess, I spent very little time listening to the Fluance XL7F speakers with the grilles on. The shiny drivers radiating off the front baffle are just too beautiful to look at. Unless you have small children or pets, I recommend you also run these speakers "in the nude" and stow away the grilles. For those finding these speakers too bass heavy, I suggest you set them up as “small” crossing them over between 60 to 80Hz to a dedicated subwoofer. This should also help to improve bass response while also increasing system dynamic range by taking the bass load off the unfettered midrange drivers. Also since these speakers dip down to the 4 ohm area in the bass region, bass managing them will also take considerable strain off your A/V receiver. If you plan on running them full-range, make sure you experiment with placement as their pronounced bass upper bass response will make them a little more placement finicky than some speakers. The XL7F’s sound their best when toed in so that the tweeters are pointing at the listening area. Don’t be afraid to feed them good quality power. A dedicated amp would really make these speakers shine and bi-amping is certainly an option to consider. In fact, for those not running a dedicated sub in their systems, you may wish to experiment with biamping these by running the 8” bottom firing woofers through your A/V receiver's LFE output to an external amp. This would essentially treat them as dedicated subwoofers. I’d imagine this could produce satisfying results in small to medium size rooms.


Fluance_grilleIn tough economic times, it’s always refreshing to find bargains to help fellow budget-minded Audioholics reach their goals of sonic nirvana. While the Fluance XL7F’s don’t represent the pinnacle of loudspeaker technology compared to some price-no-object systems, they get about as close to that goal as any sub $500/pair towers I’ve listened too. They are, in my opinion, one of the best values in floorstanding speakers I’ve seen in many years. The XL7F’s offer near full-range sound with respectably good fidelity and cosmetics. They will play plenty loud even in fairly large rooms without ever sounding fatiguing or strained. The fact that these speakers could be bi-amped is not only rare at this price point but offers some great alternative setup options. If you’re looking for a floorstanding speaker that will give you plenty of bass and good sound on the cheap, give these babies a try. Free shipping and a lifetime warranty is just gravy for this already tasty deal. Highly Recommended!

Fluance XL7F Scorecard
MSRP: $469/pair (includes shipping)


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