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Epic 80 Movie Theater Experience


Having come from a background in recording engineering and sound design for motion picture films, my passion is for good home theater loudspeaker systems. As such, my approach to this speaker review is purposefully structured to focus on the Epic 80's use as a home theater. Plenty of commentary is already available on the Epic 80 system which speaks to its build quality and penchant for producing loud, undistorted sound - and certainly these topics will be addressed later in this review. This exposition, however, is going to hone in on the practical applications, price, performance and overall value of having this system integrated into your primary entertainment center. By applying a real-world expectation and emphasis on home theater performance, I will attempt to present a practical review of the Epic 80 system.

But what about 2-channel and multi-format audio, you ask? Rest assured, I'll address musical applications as well, but I like to be up-front about my direction and intent on a review, so that there is no confusion about the intended audience or direction.

Back Story: The Movie Theater Experience
As the price of movie tickets go up and up, it almost seems that less and less attention is paid to the technical specs and maintenance of the theatrical systems. I'm sure you have all experienced the blown driver, or out of phase speaker that I have in certain theater venues. Maybe, like me, you even call ahead to check in which room a particular showing of a first-run movie is going to take place! What is the reason for this insanity? The achievement of the best possible experience.

 How does Axiom Audio's Epic 80 system play into all of this? As a proud new father, I know the merits of having a movie theater-killing system in your home. With less time available for going out, not to mention the added costs, one finds that having an excellent system in your home provides a wonderful venue for entertainment. One that does so at reduced cost while providing better imaging than a movie theater system. Big theatrical sound CAN be had in the home.


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