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Enclave CineHome HD Sound Quality Tests


The main source of 5.1 content is movies, so my wife and I started the listening there via a 2nd gen Chromecast running Plex. She likes upgraded audio because it allows her to better understand dialog, and I don’t think anyone writes more dialog than Quentin Tarantino, so we started with one of our favorite movies, Pulp Fiction. We found the Enclave CineHome HD especially tuned for the forward presentation that really puts spoken words front and center. In the opening diner scene, Pumpkin and Honey Bunny can clearly be heard above the clang of dishes and passing cars. 

At the same time, all that background noise demonstrated the ability of the 5.1 Enclave to create the type of enveloping environment that just isn’t possible with a soundbar. I’ve tested some very pricey soundbars, the kind with fancy processing and multiple sound-bouncing drivers. No matter how impressive it is to hear that type of pseudo-surround from a single speaker enclosure, the Enclave’s true home theater setup wipes the floor with expensive soundbars. Thanks to front speakers that can be spread out as wide as you want, the front soundstage filled the width of the room, creating a sense of realism in the cars passing just outside the diner window. The rear speakers replicated the ambiance of being in the diner as the story unfolded with silverware clatter around us. The Enclave’s true 5.1 sound reproduction transported us into the scene in a way that no soundbar can. 

 Pulp Fiction Trailer

Of course, everyone wants a little boom with their sizzle, so we popped in SPECTRE next to test out the dynamic range and low-end reproduction of the Enclave. The opening scene winds through a crowd that is another great test for reproducing ambience, but the culminating bullets, explosions, and assorted chaos are what we really came for. When a building explodes and subsequently collapses, the subwoofer kicked in with plenty of oomph, even if didn’t dig deep enough to really move furniture. For folks looking for more output and better seat-to-seat response, the Enclave will connect with a 2nd subwoofer that can be purchased separately. Audioholics always like dual subs, but the single included sub was certainly enough to bring the movie experience home. 

 SPECTRE Trailer

For music, we pulled up FLAC files via Plex over both the HDMI Chromecast and Bluetooth from an Android phone. Megan’s a child of the 90s, and went with the familiar in Veruca Salt’s Eight Arms to Hold You. The same tonal character of the Enclave that brought dialog to the forefront in movies was a touch more than what was needed for the aggressively distorted guitars on “Volcano Girls,” but certainly with more balance than what is common in most soundbars and home theaters in a box (besides, true rockers would never complain about an in-your-face sonic signature.) 

 Veruca Salt - Volcano Girls

I switched to something a bit more punchy and poppy with Tegan and Sara’s latest Love You to Death. Strong bass synths and thumping drums were plenty satisfying from the Enclave’s sub, and subtle reverberations and doubled vocals came through loud and clear on tracks like “100x.” It was more than enough to show that the Enclave can also replace a stand alone bluetooth speaker.

 Tegan and Sara - 100x


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Steve Thompson posts on July 18, 2016 13:15
I bought from Amazon a couple weeks ago and it will decode DD, DD+ and DTS core bitstreams, but for Dolby HD or DTS HD, you have to send it PCM from your source (and it's worked great for me.)
jax posts on July 16, 2016 03:15
Thanks for the review. Does this system have any support for Dolby True HD & DTS Master Audio
gene posts on July 14, 2016 02:05
gene posts on July 14, 2016 01:58
Enclave Audio’s CineHome HD is a wireless 5.1 system that is compact and the most affordable WiSA wireless speaker solution available on the market today at less than $1,200. Rather than connecting a large AV Receiver to speakers by stringing lengths of wire around furniture and under carpets, each of the Enclave speakers are powered by a nearby AC outlet and communicate wirelessly: no long wires or complicated setup needed.

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