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Elemental Designs A7s-650 Subwoofer

Elemental Designs A7s-650 Subwoofer

Elemental Designs A7s-650 Subwoofer


  • Product Name: A7s-650
  • Manufacturer: Elemental Designs
  • Review Date: August 03, 2009 02:35
  • MSRP: $1950/each
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool
Driver Size 13"
Driver Quantity 2
Driver Excursion 28.75mm
Total Driver Linear Displacement 6394.000cm³
Frequency Response (+/-3dB) 16-100Hz
Amplifier RMS Power 1300 Watts RMS
Cabinet Type Sealed
Shipping Weight 215 Lbs
Internal Size ~3.6 ft³
External Size ~5.6 ft³
Width 16"
Height 38"
Depth 16"
Amplifier Voltage 115/230V
Included Crossover Yes
Crossover Frequencies 50-100Hz
Phase Switch 0/180 switch
Line Level Input Yes
RCA Level Input Yes
Level Control Yes

eD_grill.jpgWhen you are a company known for outrageously large subwoofers, you have to do something to expand your market base. Sure, the single, bassheads out there don't care if their sub is 300+ lbs (they might even prefer it) and take up 40% of the usable floorspace in their room, but that's a tough sell to married folk. The problem is how to attract the attention of more aesthetically minded people without compromising on your core values.

The answer - vertical integration.

Elemental Designs (eD) latest subwoofer offerings have had one thing in common - they are tall. Where past eD subs have been short but deep, these have had a small footprint but tend to be about 2x's as tall as your normal "store bought" subwoofer. The newest in the line is the A7s-650. This sub features two forward firing 13" drivers in an enclosure that only takes up a 16" square floor space but stands 38" tall. To us, this seems to be a pretty interesting gamble on eD's part. For a long while, tall, thin, tube subs were all the rage and more than a few Internet Direct companies made their name on the backs of these types of subs. But we've never seen anyone making truly tall box subwoofers. While it stands to reason that they'd be well received, the consumer is the one that will make the final choice.

eD_back.jpgThe A7s-650 may be tall, but it is also tall on performance. With a manufacturer measured output flat down to 16Hz with output well below that, the A7s-650 should have no problems shaking most any room. The amplifier power is provided by a Bang & Olufsen ICEPower module and is rated at 1300watts. As the A7s-650 is a sealed design, strong amplifier output is a must. The drivers are underhung and the cabinet features more bracing than you'd think possible. The front baffle is 4 layers thick (quad baffle they call it) and the sub itself weighs in at over 200 lbs. Like other eD offerings, MDF is being eschewed for 3/4" thick EFS (an environmentally friendly material that is denser than MDF) and the sub comes in the custom hand finished black finish. The provided feet are carpet spikes... just kidding. Can you imagine? They are actually SBR rubber isolation feet integrated into the cabinet. At this weight, we'd almost suggest a caster option.

The amplifier features all the normal accoutrements including volume and crossover knobs, phase control switch, and line and speaker level inputs and outputs. What is quite disappointing at this price point (nearly $2k) is that eD is still neglecting a variable phase control. While it may not be something that most people will use, it is still a feature that should be included (and one that we see included in subs at much lower price points). eD has developed their own two band manual EQ called the eQ.2 which you can purchase with the sub for only $85 ($15 off the regular price).


The problem with a sub so large is hiding it. With the A7s-650, hiding it isn't an option. But the sub is so large that really, no one is going to think it's a sub. We've seen decorative stands that are about the same height and width bought by the thousands by inspired HGTV watchers. Of course they didn't weigh 215lbs and threaten to shake your house off the foundation. But if you have to place a picture of your in-laws on top of your new sub, that's probably a price many Audioholics would be willing to pay. And if the picture vibrated off... well, so much the better.

For more information, please visit www.edesignaudio.com.

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