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Audioholics Online Store

Why shouldn't an online store be run by the very people who are passionate enough to pick only the best products in each category? We felt the same way. Allow us to present the Audioholics online store where you can get free shipping on most orders and receive a free 3 year warranty on all purchases. In addition, the Audioholics Store also offers FREE technical support for life, making it the most user-friendly store on the Internet.

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Emotiva offers some of the best bang for the buck electronics in the industry. Think you can't afford separates? Guess again. Emotiva has packages starting under $1000 and it only gets better from there. We have utilized Emotiva components in our reference systems and highly recommend them for people looking for high end audio components on a budget.  Best of all, if you are a current owner of an Emotiva processor, they will give you a 40% discount on their next generation processors and still let you keep your existing gear!  Now how is that for a trade up program?

Hsu Research

Hsu subwoofer designs are legendary. Dr. Poh Hsu is one of the pioneers of direct to consumer retailing of subwoofers. Hsu's potent designs are the rival of most of their competition. Best of all, they offer impeccable service and friendly advice to help you choose the right products for your budget and room. Check them out at: Hsu Research or call directly at: (800) 554-0150.

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Orb Audio

If you want small speakers with big sound that look great, look no further than Orb Audio.  Orb Audio's baseball shaped speakers are a home run among our reviewers and readers.  Don't get suckered into buying a "cubed" speaker system.  Go round, go Orb!


And we'd also like to give our readers a place to go when they can't locate a particular review on Audioholics. TestSeek offers an additional resource for AV electronics product reviews which can be helpful in making a decision on which components are best for your system.

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