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VApex ProjectoScreen120 Testing and Conclusions


setupFor our presentation, we utilized the compact, but excellent-performing Epson H331A LCD business projector and our laptop connected via HDMI courtesy of Impact Acoustics. 

The Projectoscreen120 is quite an impressive sight once it's fully assembled.  120” diagonal is a huge screen indoors and perhaps overkill for hosting small business presentations.  Of course, we’ve always felt that with video: bigger is almost always better.  The Projectoscreen120 screen was very taut.  We almost felt like we were projecting images on an upscale fixed frame screen used in a home theater environment.  The attendees at our event  were impressed with the presentation and the event was kicked off with great success.  We are looking forward to using the Projectoscreen120 at future Audioholics functions. 


Whether you need a portable screen for business functions or outdoor parties, the Projectoscreen120 from Visual Apex is a great choice.  It’s relatively easy to setup once you get the hang of it.  It offers excellent build quality and performance and is quite affordable.  Next time you host an outdoor kids party and want some entertainment, why not spice things up with a monster sized projector screen, an outdoor sound system and a good movie or music concert?  Heck you can even throw on some embarrassing and obscure vintage family pictures for all to see blown up on a big screen.

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