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Screen Innovations Reference Motorized G3 Screen First Look

Screen Innovations Reference Motorized G3

Screen Innovations Reference Motorized G3


  • Product Name: Reference Motorized G3
  • Manufacturer: Screen Innovations
  • Review Date: March 29, 2011 01:35
  • MSRP: $TBA
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool
  • Screen size up to 200"
  • Screen types: Gamma HD, Solar HD, Lunar HD, Gamma Maestro HD, and Lunar Maestro HD
  • IR Extender & Remote (included)
  • 12 Volt Trigger (included)
  • ilt-wall-switch
  • ILT RS485/RS232
  • RTS RF Receiver-ILT Motor
  • RS232/485 & RF are available options

When looking for a screen for your projector, too often people wait until the last minute. Sure they think about screens, maybe even have one in mind, but you can bet that often they have the projector before the screen. And then they are stuck. What we often suggest is that people really think about their applications when choosing a screen. Sure, cheap is nice but if you have a really nice room with great gear and furnishings it is a shame to mar it with a screen you have to pull down manually or, gasp, a wall with velvet stapled to it.

Motorized drop screens are easily our favorites as they have a wow factor that amps and receivers and, in many case, speakers do to the masses. If you want to impress your friends, a motorized drop screen is the way to go. So when a manufacturer comes out with a new line, we like to take notice. Screen Innovations (SI) has been in the business of projection screens for a long time. Their newest line, the Reference G3 series, is due out in May.

The SI Reference Motorized G3 models will feature Somfy motors and controls for easy integration with all control systems. This means that out of the box you'll have a 12 volt trigger control, a wall switch, and an IR remote system. If you are looking for RS232/485 or RF, those control systems are available. This gives you the sort of flexibility you need when setting up an impressive home theater. While some like the wall control, we prefer the 12-volt trigger option (if your projector/receiver supports it) so that, when the projector is switched on, the screen descends.

But it isn't all about the control. The new SI Reference G3 screens are precision-cut on computerized fabric tables, enabling precise tab placement for all screen sizes. A new tab system limits traditional repeat marks found on most screens. We generally suggest tab-tensioned screens when budget allow because they are flatter and tend to be more resistant to wind and air movement.

What we really like about the new G3 screens is that they can be installed in/on-ceiling or on-wall. Basically you either add flush mount plates at the bottom or add the décor plate for external installation. Pricing is the same for in-ceiling or on-ceiling / on-wall—simply specify type desired when order is placed. SI’s Referenced Motorized mounting brackets give installers the flexibility to mount on-wall, on-ceiling, in-ceiling-top-mount, and in-ceiling-side-mount. This design allows for incremental adjustment both vertically and horizontally after the screen is mounted.

Reference Motorized G3 screens are available up to 200” with all SI HD screen materials, including the Gamma HD, Solar HD, Lunar HD, Gamma Maestro HD, and Lunar Maestro HD. Custom screen sizes are available in one inch increments and the unit comes standard with a 24 inch black screen drop (up to six feet with custom orders).


The only thing we couldn't find about the Screen Innovations Reference Motorized G3 Screens was the price. Given the pricing of some of their other options, we're expecting something in the multiple thousands. Depending on where they come in on pricing will really determine where we fall on the excite-o-meter. Unfortunately, we think they'll probably come in middle of the road. We like that they've made the pricing, whatever it is, the same for all the different mounting types and it seems like they've got a good number of options available. Out of the box, you've got a lot of control options and they have a ton of screen materials available. Being able to customize the screen type is also a plus for those with non-standard throw distances. If you are on the market for a screen, the Screen Innovations Reference Motorized G3 Screens are definitely worth putting into your comparison matrix.

For more information, please visit www.screeninnovations.com.

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