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Screen Innovations Black Diamond Zero Edge G2 Preview

Screen Innovations Black Diamond Zero Edge G2

Screen Innovations Black Diamond Zero Edge G2


  • Product Name: Black Diamond Zero Edge G2
  • Manufacturer: Screen Innovations
  • Review Date: October 05, 2012 11:20
  • MSRP: $3099 (base price)
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool
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World's first multi-directional ambient light rejecting projection screen

Look and feel of flat-panel TV

Optional built-in 360-full perimeter ambiance lighting (more below)

Slender aluminum frame

Adjustable flying cable system (doesn't infringe on image)

Aggressive custom pricing

Streamline packing (reduces shipping cost)

Ambiance LED Lighting features include:

  • Full perimeter LED Lighting
  • IR Controlled
  • 256,000 Colors
  • Single color selection for décor matching
  • 3 light show patterns; Color scan, Fade, and the all NEW Step mode
  • 3 speeds for each light show for total of nine mesmerizing effects
  • 1000 incremental dimming levels
  • Preset white light at a push of a button

We reported on the first generation of Black Diamond Zero Edge a while back. Since then, Screen Innovations has been working hard to improve their initial offering. We'd say they've done it. First, the video:

The claim to fame for the Black Diamond Zero Edge product is the very small bezel. Screen Innovations has improved that frame with an optional LED lighting kit which will project up to 256,000 different colors on the wall behind. This projection screen has the ability to enhance the projector's contrast by over 900% while rejecting ambient light! This makes the Black Diamond Zero Edge G2 the perfect solution for any room where absolute light control is not an option. It also makes it look like a really, really big TV.

Currently, the Black Diamond Zero Edge G2 starts at $3099 and is available in either Black .8 gain, Black 1.4 gain, or Silver 2.7 gain screen materials. Screen Innovations has also improved the frame for better structural support and improved the shipping cartons to reduce shipping costs by more than 65% on average. That's a pretty big deal, particularly for custom installers who are bidding these screens.


Is the Screen Innovations Black Diamond Zero Edge G2 projection screen cheap? At a base price of $3099, many would say "No". But comparing to the price of a flat panel of the same size, Screen Innovations says that their screen is actual cheaper per inch. We're not sure if that includes the projector but we're willing to bet it's true. The problem with front projection systems has traditionally been ambient light. With the Black Diamond Zero Edge G2 screen's ability to enhance the projector's contrast by over 900% while rejecting ambient light, this may be a thing of the past. With the look and feel of a flat panel TV, the Black Diamond Zero Edge G2 screen will leave your friends wondering how you got such a huge TV without mortgaging your home.

For more information, please visit www.screeninnovations.com.

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