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Elite Screen's HOME2 Projection Screens

Elite Screens HOME2 Projection Screens

Elite Screen's HOME2 Projection Screens


  • Product Name: HOME2
  • Manufacturer: Elite Screen
  • Review Date: January 11, 2008 14:12
  • MSRP: $782 to $1412
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool

Executive Overview

Elite Screens, Inc. showed off its award-winning HOME2 Home Theater Projection Screens at CES 2008. Elite Screen's HOME2 Series are easy-to-install non-tensioned electric retractable screens that create a sophisticated home theater experience with the touch of a button. HOME2 screens have aspect ratios for both commercial and residential markets. They have a wide viewing diffusion angle of 160 degrees allowing presentations to reach a large audience regardless of room proximity.

HOME2 screens' Maxwhite projection surface is a matte white multi-layered woven screen material in 1.1 gain. The material is textured to eliminate distracting moire patterns and hotspots for a clear and sharp image. The fiberglass reinforced material has black backing to prevent light penetration while providing superior surface flatness. An option of either solid or acoustically transparent material provides needed versatility to fit nearly any front projection environment.

Offering a wide range of installation options, Elite Screen's HOME2 projection screens have an interchangeable three-way wall switch or extended infrared "eye" sensor to accompany the internal Infrared (IR) and Radio Frequency (RF) receivers that are built in. The durable aluminum housing features an enamel coating that is moisture and rust resistant while sliding brackets provide easy alignment for wall and ceiling installations. With a two-inch side border with as much as 30-inches of top masking, the HOME2 screen's picture format is enhanced and perfectly set in either a high or recessed-ceiling.

HOME2 screens offer a built-in 12-volt trigger that synchronizes screen drop and rise with a projector's power cycle. Its tubular motor provides superior timing and lift capacity for smooth and seamless operation. To truly customize a screen's placement, HOME2 offers an adjustable vertical limit switch that regulates screen drop and rise settings for low or high ceiling rooms.

Elite Screen's HOME2 screen kit includes a bracket wrench, wall screws and bubble level for easy integration. Standard IR and RF remote controls are also included. Elite Screen's HOME2 screens range in price from $782 to $1412, depending on size and optional features. They are currently available through retail, internet and systems integration sales channels. Unlike the one-year industry standard, HOME2 screens come with a two-year limited replacement warranty. For more information, please visit www.elitescreens.com.

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