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Category: Furniture, Receivers, Separates


Furniture > AV Racks and Display stands

OmniMount-Viking-Series-RSF.jpgCompany: OmniMount
Product: Viking Series RSF.5
MSRP: $799.95

OmniMount’s RSF.5 is the first fully assembled heavy duty floor half rack system in its class. This professional grade rack system is the perfect solution for managing components, giving an organized, polished look to any A/V installation. The RSF.5 is designed to accommodate all audio and video equipment and provides a safe, secure site for better management of today’s home entertainment components. The RSF.5 offers new levels of installation versatility and customization to integration professionals as OmniMount’s talented engineering and design team incorporated a multitude of time-saving, installer-friendly features. Its smaller size is perfect for residential situations. As the newest addition to the award-winning Viking Series, the RSF.5 is a highly customizable system featuring standard 19-inch enclosures to accommodate a wide range of audio and video components. The half-size rack includes a 16 space rack, three 2U space shelves with 50 pounds maximum weight capacity per shelf, three 2U space vented blanks and three cable lacing bars to keep components secured. The RSF.5’s shelves are completely adjustable to accommodate most components and shelf clamps ensure all equipment is safe and secure. The RSF.5 also includes integrated cable management channels that allow installers to route bundles of cabling or wire.

Furniture > Flat Panel Mounts

monoprice-PLB-WA8.jpgCompany: MonoPrice, Inc
Product: PLB-WA8
MSRP: $150.96

Monprice provides attractive, high quality mounting solutions at some of the best prices and value around.  All their display mounts are made of the highest grade, heavy gauge stainless steel plates, have reinforced joints and tough, powder coat finishes to provide years of reliable service. They all meet VESA specifications and most are adjustable to fit a wide range of mounting configurations. Case in point, their new PLB-WA8 Multi-Directional Tilt/Swivel mount provides a safe and secure wall mounting solution while allowing for an exceptionally wide range of movement for medium to large flat panel displays.  The mount features a sturdy 25” jointed articulating single arm that can extend, retract and allow the display to swing left and right.  It features both tilt and lateral adjustment to get the perfect viewing angle from any point in the room.

Furniture > Speaker Stands

Gemini_1_Black_Lifestyle.jpgCompany: OmniMount
Product: Gemini 1
MSRP: $69.95

In today’s modern dwellings, dedicated home theaters have become a trend of the past with more and more consumers choosing to bring home entertainment into more traditional living spaces. OmniMount’s Gemini speaker stands offer a stylish, functional, highly affordable solution to bring the sounds of movies and music into every room.     OmniMount’s Gemini 1 speaker stands’ exclusive design offers the greatest versatility of any speaker stand on the market. By including interchangeable base inserts that offer four color options, these speaker stands can easily adapt to any change in décor. Its small, lightweight design, only 10.5 X 8.5 at the base, allows the Gemini 1 to be placed out of the way, so you hear it, not see it. The adjustable post of the Gemini 1, ranging from 31-45 inches, allows you to move the speakers up and down to provide the perfect sound for every room configuration. As with all OmniMount speaker stands, the Gemini 1 features an in-post cable management which conceals up to 14 gauge wire, allowing for neat and clean lines while protecting the speaker wire.

Category: Home Theater Systems

Home Theater Systems > 5.1/6.1/7.1 Systems, receiver and/or DVD

BDV-IT1000.jpgCompany: Sony Electronics Inc.
Product: BDV-IT1000ES
MSRP: $2000

Enjoy the magic of Hollywood from the comfort of home with the BDV-IT1000ES 5.1-channel Blu-ray Disc player home theater system. It epitomizes performance and style with Full HD 1080p resolution for amazing pictures and beautiful sound with exclusive, incredibly thin speaker technology. With two HDMI inputs and infrared (IR) in/out, you can connect and control additional compatible HD sources. Make the most of your Blu-ray Disc entertainment and download available bonus materials and games with BD-Live and an Ethernet connection. This system also has S-AIR Digital Wireless technology that supports the included wireless surround speakers and provides optional multi-room listening possibilities.

Category: Media Systems

Media Systems > Media Players/Streaming

vunow-hand.jpgCompany: Verisimo Networks
Product: VuNow VN1000 HD
MSRP: $149

Verismo Networks’ VuNow Internet TV platform is redefining the way consumers access and enjoy Internet video – enabling them to stream a wealth on online video content directly to their televisions without a computer.     According to a recent report from comScore, Americans watched over 11 billion online videos during July 2008. The majority of these videos were watched on a computer. VuNow Pod offers these consumers a better alternative for enjoying online content in the relaxed environment of their living room on a TV rather than a “lean forward” experience of watching it on a computer.     Unlike dedicated boxes available today that just stream a limited selection of online movies, Verismo’s VuNow solution gives consumers the broadest choice of online video content including movies, YouTubeTM videos, live TV channels, as well as access to personal media (such as video, music, and photos) from the home network.

Category: Receivers & Separates

Receivers > Multi-channel

5308CI-angled.jpgCompany: Denon Electronics
Product: AVR-5308CI
MSRP: $5500

Denon’s flagship AVR-5308CI is a 12-channel THX Ultra2 Surround EX Certified A/V receiver that provides ultimate high-definition audio/video performance, plus advanced multi-zone distribution and networking capability.  For ultimate-quality video performance, the AVR-5308CI  includes six HDMI inputs/two HDMI outputs certified for HDMI1.3a with support for xvYCC and 36-bit Deep Color, plus a Silicon Optix Realta HQV chipset for enhanced video with upconversion to 1080p. The AVR-5308CI also includes support for Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD Master Audio decoding.  It allows for second zone video output via component with onscreen display for meta-data from iPod/XM/HD Radio/Streaming Audio.  Three discrete tuners (AM/FM, HD Radio (multicast) and XM Ready (via optional XM Radio Mini-Tuner & XM Radio subscription) provide for multi-zone distribution. Adding to its convenience and flexibility, Denon provides a free upgrade for owners of the AVR-5308CI for both Sirius Radio readiness as well as Audyssey Dynamic Volume.

Separates > Preamps/Processors

AV8003-angled.jpgCompany: Marantz America
Product: AV8003
MSRP: $2599.99

Today’s modern home theater is increasingly called upon to provide users with a luxury-class multi-zone audio/video experience. The Marantz AV8003 A/V Preamplifier/Processor is a THX-Certified, 1080p scaling, multi-source/multi-zone processor that offers an elegant solution for distributing ultimate-quality audio and video entertainment to three separate zones within the home. Featuring a brand new chassis design and a host of advanced features and capabilities, the innovative device provides users with new levels of flexibility, convenience and performance in whole-home entertainment connectivity, offering an exciting solution for expanding and enhancing the enjoyment of home entertainment, including today’s advanced high-resolution audio and video formats. In addition to a built-in digital media player that lets users stream audio and high-definition video throughout their home via Ethernet port from a networked PC, the AV8003 features 7.1 channel Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding, and also features additional THX surround sound post-processing. Able to handle a variety of input sources and formats, the AV8003 is equipped with a quartet of latest specification v1.3a HDMI inputs, which provide high resolution audio format compatibility along with supporting Deep Color and xvYCC extended video formats, for the ultimate picture and sound quality with high definition sources such as Blu-ray.

Specialty > Esoteric & Tube Products

Art.Suono.Pair.iPod.jpgCompany: David Wiener Collection, LLC
Product: Art.Suono Wireless Music Transmission
MSRP: $1499

Art.Suono is both innovative and elegant, a luxury entertainment product ideal for desks, tables and anywhere the need for convenience, performance and superb design coincide. It's also the only music transmission system to combine DWC-Wireless technology and DWC-Aphex music enhancing technology. DWC-Wireless is a proprietary wireless technology that lets users transmit ANY audio source - including iPod, computer, CD player, MP3 player or satellite radio - to ANY audio system. DWC-Aphex circuitry was developed by DWC with Aphex Systems for exclusive use in the DW Collection. Audio engineers and recording artists have long used Aphex circuitry in mastering their albums. DWC-Aphex circuitry makes recorded music sound more "alive" by restoring harmonics lost in compressed music files, and providing better detail, imaging, spaciousness and clarity so each instrument and voice is clear and distinct. It makes music more enjoyable by restoring the brightness, range, clarity and presence artists intended. Art.Suono consists of a compact transmitter, designed to rest on a table or desk, and a compact receiver. Each transmitter can serve up to two receivers allowing multiple music systems to be used in a home or office. Art.Suono also docks and charges any iPod, and includes convenient volume and muting controls.

Category: Transports

Transports > Blu-ray Players

Marantz-BD8002-front.jpgCompany: Marantz America
Product: BD8002
MSRP: $1999.99

The Marantz BD8002 is an advanced Blu-ray DVD player that features the acclaimed 10-bit Silicon Optix Realta chipset for the ultimate high-definition video resolution possible via HDMI 1.3 connection, as well as the finest possible audio performance, including Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio. The BD8002 offers unprecedented levels of quality in both audio and video reproduction, plus exciting new interactive DVD playback features. Among its advanced features is an SD card reader for full interactivity, offering content providers a variety of options for adding enhanced content such as games, movie trailers and more. With its ultimate-quality leading-edge 10-bit Silicon Optix Realta chipset, Marantz’ new BD8002 Blu-ray Disc Player is designed to provide users with unprecedented levels of quality in both audio and video reproduction, plus exciting new interactive DVD playback features. Notably, it also features an SD card reader for full interactivity, offering content providers a variety of options for adding enhanced content such as games, movie trailers and more.

Transports > DVD/Universal Players

DVDA1UD_Front.jpgCompany: Denon Electronics
Product: DVD-A1UDCI
MSRP: $4200

The Denon DVD-A1UDCI Universal Audio/Video Player is a revolutionary new type of leading-edge “total entertainment” source component that delivers unprecedented video and audio perfection, as well as breakthrough network interconnectivity capabilities and advanced gaming capabilities. As Denon’s first Profile 2.0 (or BD Live) Blu-ray DVD player, it incorporates innovative interactivity features that make quite literally the world’s most advanced source component, with a host of 21st century networking facilities. In addition to its ultimate quality video and its DVD-Audio and SACD playback, the DVD-A1UDCI is the world’s first Blu-ray player to feature native output via the HDMI/Denon Link or PCM conversion with full bass management. Furthermore, for unprecedented connectivity to both a host of exciting current-day as well as future entertainment enhancements, it features an onboard Ethernet port allows for Internet connectivity, firmware updates, BD Live interactivity and IP control.


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pzaur posts on March 15, 2009 18:57
corey, post: 536407
Does Audioholics do design work for Aperion, or is Aperion part of your “family” of companies? If so, that should be stated in the article.

I'm going with neither. It looks like a quick cut-and-paste job for the blurp about the speaker. Word structure is identical to the website.

If there was a connection, they'd be sold at the audioholics store. Aperion is out of Oregon.

dschill posts on March 15, 2009 12:47
^^ i agree!!
Midcow2 posts on March 12, 2009 05:25
One thing that has always bothered me …

on awards such as this (like Motor Trend's Car of the Year) is that only completley brand new products are reviewed. They may be the best of the completely new products offered, but that doe not necessarily mean they are better the the current not compleltely new products.

I personally would like to seee the comparison set expanded to all products and if a new product is better than an existing product, then so be it, it is the best in category. But to say a new product is best — when some existing products IMHO are better is as bad as Barney Frank stating that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were solvent.



Okay trivia – what was the MTCOTY mistake in 1983
corey posts on March 12, 2009 04:44
abboudc, post: 536278
I'm a bit confused as well.

Me too. In the article, Clint wrote: "The thick, furniture-grade cabinetry is easy on the eyes and minimizes resonance while our new custom 1” silk dome tweeter and redesigned dual 6.5” woven-fiberglass woofers deliver tight bass and exceptional midrange clarity.“

Does Audioholics do design work for Aperion, or is Aperion part of your ”family" of companies? If so, that should be stated in the article.
Djizasse posts on March 11, 2009 21:32
Zion, why do you have a swf object in your post????
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