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2008 Consumer Excellence Award Winners

by March 11, 2009
2008 Consumer Excellence Awards

2008 Consumer Excellence Awards

The consumer electronics industry is awash with an influx of new products. Each year it seems that every manufacturer is on a quest to outdo all others in a race to integrate more features and advanced technologies into their products. The prestigious Consumer Excellence (CE) Awards program recognizes the most advanced and forward-thinking products in crucial CE categories. Awards are given to products which serve consumers directly and also those products which serve to improve the business and success of the custom installer. The CE Awards is a clear benchmark award for the products which will make an impact in the coming year.

Category: Loudspeakers

Speakers > Floorstanders

6T-Ccerry.jpgCompany: Aperion Audio
Product: Intimus 6T Towers
MSRP: $695 ea.

The 6T tower speakers are the perfect choice for the customer that enjoys both music and movies. The ultimate in sonic excellence for medium and large rooms, the new Intimus 6T Tower Speaker offers flawless sound reproduction, tight bass, superior midrange, crisp highs and an absolutely enormous soundstage.    The thick, furniture-grade cabinetry is easy on the eyes and minimizes resonance while their new custom 1” silk dome tweeter and redesigned dual 6.5” woven-fiberglass woofers deliver tight bass and exceptional midrange clarity.

Speakers > Satellite Systems

accent_front_nogrille.jpgCompany: Axiom Audio
Product: Epic Accent/125 Home Theater System
MSRP: $998

The Axiom Epic Accent 125 comprises five compact, slim and identical on-wall satellite speakers with unusually linear uncolored sound quality, timbrally matched, and a companion subwoofer, the Axiom EP125, all at a price enabling newbies to enjoy authentic high-fidelity sound far superior to that of mass-market competitors.

Speakers > Bookshelves

VS240_cher_front.jpgCompany: Boston Acoustics
Product: VS 240
MSRP: $399

The Boston Acoustics VS Series VS 240 is a 4-1/2” Two-Way Bookshelf Loudspeaker that excels in a wide range of listening applications, including home theater, advanced stereo and multi-channel music reproduction. Innovative driver and cabinet designs yield outstanding sonic performance characteristics, and VS Series loudspeakers also stand apart from all others for their exceptional visual appeal. The striking piano lacquer finish and high-gloss furniture-grade cherry end panels cover a gently curved cabinet that brings a new level of aesthetic beauty to a loudspeaker market traditionally defined by the "rectangular box." The VS 240 is ideal for use in virtually any home entertainment system as it brings together superior sonic reproduction capabilities with exciting new dimensions in loudspeaker elegance and aesthetics.

Speakers > Subwoofers

Photon-8_CD-image.jpgCompany: Chrysalis Acoustics
Product: Photon-8
MSRP: $899

Big bass sound, a tiny subwoofer…are these incompatible? Not anymore! The Chrysalis Photon-8 subwoofer is a small, rectangular box (just over 10” squared, 12” deep), housing a front-firing 8” driver that extends to 26 Hz (-3dB). It can outperform many larger subwoofers, both in low bass extension and maximum bass output. Yet it fits easily into the home environment of consumers who value lifestyle, aesthetics, and thrilling bass performance – for a modest investment. Most high-performance subwoofers that deliver lifelike movie and music performance are bulky and intimidating. Photon-8 circumvents this problem via a powerful, one-kilowatt amplifier, driving a solidly constructed 8” driver weighing 12.7 lbs. The sealed cabinet, quality driver and powerful amplifier combine to deliver low distortion, high-impact bass from a compact, nicely styled cabinet that conceals easily. Photon-8 has a transparent sonic signature free of audible distortion and coloration, enabling dynamic bass to effortlessly integrate into the homeowner’s lifestyle. Its freedom from distortion and forward-thinking engineering allow it to sonically “disappear”, just as the small cabinet dimensions allow it to visually disappear. Even consumers who don’t need a small cabinet love the sound! This subwoofer perfectly suits customers desiring powerful bass from a compact, easily placed cabinet.

Speakers > In-wall/In-ceiling

SC-600-IW.jpgCompany: Velodyne Acoustics
Product: SC-600 IW / SC-600 Amp
MSRP: $999

Custom dealers routinely hide speakers in walls and ceilings, yet struggle to conceal powerful bass in homes. Freestanding subwoofers often aren’t an option for aesthetic reasons. Few in-wall subwoofers deliver high-energy bass. Most powerful in-wall subwoofers don’t install easily in retro-fits, or cannot fit standard 2x4 walls. Many are expensive; excessively vibrate the drywall, disturbing others in the home; have protruding grilles; or suffer some combination of these issues. Velodyne’s SC-600IW In-Wall subwoofer system stands alone. It delivers deep, powerful bass, and installs in minutes, for easy retro-fit installations, at under $1000 retail. Its unique triple-vector engineering minimizes drywall vibration, making other home occupants happy. Powered by a 200-watt RMS outboard amplifier, the SC-600IW fits standard 2x4 walls, with a “cut, plug and play” design. It fits flush with the wall for a beautiful appearance. The bass can be tailored to the room with its one-touch, Auto-EQ room-bass correction system, enhancing placement flexibility. A convenient remote control offers four custom presets, perfectly adapting the bass to family member preferences for music, movies, and games. These and other IR or RS-232 remote commands can be easily integrated in any brand of universal remote, for seamless integration with the homeowner’s other equipment.

Speakers > Headphones

AH-D7000.jpgCompany: Denon Electronics
Product: AH-D7000
MSRP: $999

The Denon AH-D7000 over-ear headphones are ultra-luxury “easy-listening” headphones that combine old world craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technologies to literally redefine the ultimate in private listening. The large diameter (50mm, 1.97”) free edge Microfiber diaphragms provide extended frequency response, from the lowest 5 kHz bass notes all the way up to 45 kHz. The smaller size of the micro-fiber (1/100th compared to natural cellulose) results in a denser diaphragmatic material that increases frequency transmission rates for better sound and detail, affording maximum presence of acoustic sounds with low distortion. Further enhancing audio quality, high strength Neodymium magnets provide high efficiency and freedom from motor structure non-linearity.

Speakers > Portable Speakers

i.Sound-Ice-Speakers.jpgCompany: dreamGEAR
Product: i.Sound Ice Speakers
MSRP: $39.99

The Ice Speakers are crystal clear, compact speakers that glow with ultra-blue LED illumination when in use, making them the first and only speakers of their kind. The crystallized PC Plastic forming the speakers’ housing is the clearest plastic available, and the substantial weight for the speakers’ diminutive size hints at the superior audio technology housed within. The Ice Speakers can be used with any audio device that uses a 3.5 mm audio jack including all iPod models, and the included AC adapter is compatible with iPod and other MP3 players’ original USB cable, so users can charge their devices in between play time. This extra feature ensures that users are ready to combat low battery life at any time. Ideal for jazzing up computer desks and illuminating your favorite space, the Ice Speakers are an essential accessory for anyone who wants a fashionable alternative to bulky, unattractive sound systems.

Specialty > Youth Products & Accessories

LoudEnough-Ultimate-Ears.jpgCompany: Ultimate Ears
Product: LoudEnough
MSRP: $39.99

LoudEnough earphones maintain best-in-class audio quality while setting boundaries to the volume delivered to children’s ears by reducing sound pressure levels by up to 20dB, which is heard as about one quarter of the volume. These volume-limiting components are built directly into the ear buds, making these elements invisible to the pint-sized user while giving parents peace of mind. LoudEnough comes in three vivid colors of Blueberry, Mint and Plum and contains six sets of changeable soft silicone ear tips designed to fit the smaller ear canals of children. Two sets of extra-small, small and medium are included.  The shape and snug fit of the tips yield maximum wearing comfort and noise isolation. The 3.5 mm connector is compatible with most portable music and video sources like the iPod and Sony PSP as well as DVD car entertainment systems, TVs and PCs.

Specialty > Youth Headphones

CH68KG01.jpgCompany: Kidz Gear
Product: CH68KG01 Headphones
MSRP: $19.99

Typically, children are the last ones considered when it comes to home theater systems and accessories and being a part of enjoying the experience.  Specifically, when talking headphones, comfort and fit along with audio quality and clarity just don’t seem to be there for the kids.  Until now.  Kidz Gear Headphones for Kids focuses on products that have adult-features and components but have been specifically designed for children.  With design focus on comfort, size and fit, the Kidz Gear CH68KG01 headphones deliver extremely rich sound quality for a variety of audio content.


Category: Displays & Televisions

Projectors > Lifestyle Systems

Epson-Grey-Room-Screen-Down.jpgCompany: Epson America
Product: Ensemble HD 1080 Home Cinema System
MSRP: $6999

The world’s first high performance, integrated audio/video projection system, Ensemble HD 1080 has everything you need to create the home theater of your dreams.  It includes a high-definition Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1080p projector, a one-of-a-kind integrated sound system developed in coordination with Atlantic Technology, a large, motorized movie screen, and an AV controller with built-in DVD.  The system also comes with a universal remote control, an equipment cabinet and all the brackets, cables and wire management tracks you’ll need for an easy, unobtrusive, professional installation in as little as four hours. Ensemble HD’s sophisticated engineering makes it a breakthrough offering for thousands of dollars less than comparable home theater systems.  With this high value, high performance home theater system, families can experience true cinematic adventures, night after night, right in their own home, complete with spine-rattling sound and mind-blowing visual clarity.

Displays & TVs > LCD Flat Panel

KDL-55XBR8-Front.jpgCompany: Sony Electronics Inc.
Product: BRAVIA KDL-55XBR8
MSRP: $6500

Take the next step forward in HDTV technology with the KDL-55XBR8 BRAVIA XBR LCD flat panel HDTV. In addition to Full HD 1080p, this XBR-8 Series TV features TRILUMINOS RGB Dynamic LED backlight which produces breathtaking images with enhanced color purity that result in deep blacks and bright whites with startling depth and exceptional shadow detail. You\'ll also see the difference with Motionflow 120Hz PRO technology which enhances motion and delivers a smoother and clearer picture. Your 1080p HD images will look more breathtaking than ever thanks to the BRAVIA Engine 2 PRO fully digital video processor.

Displays & TVs > Projectors

JVC-DLA-HD750.jpgCompany: JVC
Product: DLA-HD750
MSRP: $7499.95

Of all home theater products, front projectors come closest to replicating the cinema experience at home.  The JVC DLA-HD750, a THX certified projector, uses JVC's its own LCOS technology -- D-ILA -- to deliver an image that is smooth and filmlike, while also delivering in the one area that truly characterizes a great cinema-like image -- outstanding contrast, with deep blacks and bright whites.

Displays & TVs > Projector Screens

Kestrel.jpgCompany: Elite Screens
Product: Kestrel floor-rising screen system
MSRP: $2199

Kestrel is a premium grade mobile electric floor-rising screen designed for residential home theater rooms executive presentations or formal functions that require a flexible alternative when wall or ceiling installations are not practical such as textured walls or cathedral ceilings.  They are used primarily for “disappearing" home theater installations as well as in private practice offices that are limited on space. The design provides a high quality projection surface in an aesthetically pleasing package for high-end quality in a projection system without the commitment of wall/ceiling installations. The screen measures 72 to100  inches diagonally in either 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios with the option of multi-purpose 1.1 gain fiberglass-backed matte white "MaxWhite FG" or 4-ultra high gain "Starbright4" material.  It has internal Infrared and Radio Frequency receivers and 12 volt trigger port with remotes for total control.  It fuses high tech convenience with superior quality materials for a premium grade addition to the finest in \"disappearing\" projection system installations. Its precisely engineered cross rising mechanism is driven by a powerful 120 volt 30rpm tubular motor of our own design and operates with a smooth and flawless action in its breath-taking appearance at the touch of a button.

Displays & TVs > Specialty

SunBriteTV-4610HD-fireplace.jpgCompany: SunBriteTV
Product: 4610HD All-Weather Outdoor 46" LCD TV
MSRP: $4995.99

DigiLinX IP-Based Multi-Room Audio/Video Solution is the first and only system in the world that can distribute multiple streams of uncompressed high definition video and/or audio over CAT5e, while providing synchronized delivery of multiple streams to all points on the network. DigiLinX can also convert audio or video from analog or digital sources (tuner, CD player, etc.) into “packeted” network streams in real-time. To distribute uncompressed video in real time over a gigabit TCP/IP network, NetStreams incorporates PerfectPixel technology, which provides 100% accurate picture replication; while its patent-pending StreamNet technology ensures the reliable transmission of synchronized audio, video and control packets across the network.


Category: Furniture, Receivers, Separates

Furniture > AV Racks and Display stands

OmniMount-Viking-Series-RSF.jpgCompany: OmniMount
Product: Viking Series RSF.5
MSRP: $799.95

OmniMount’s RSF.5 is the first fully assembled heavy duty floor half rack system in its class. This professional grade rack system is the perfect solution for managing components, giving an organized, polished look to any A/V installation. The RSF.5 is designed to accommodate all audio and video equipment and provides a safe, secure site for better management of today’s home entertainment components. The RSF.5 offers new levels of installation versatility and customization to integration professionals as OmniMount’s talented engineering and design team incorporated a multitude of time-saving, installer-friendly features. Its smaller size is perfect for residential situations. As the newest addition to the award-winning Viking Series, the RSF.5 is a highly customizable system featuring standard 19-inch enclosures to accommodate a wide range of audio and video components. The half-size rack includes a 16 space rack, three 2U space shelves with 50 pounds maximum weight capacity per shelf, three 2U space vented blanks and three cable lacing bars to keep components secured. The RSF.5’s shelves are completely adjustable to accommodate most components and shelf clamps ensure all equipment is safe and secure. The RSF.5 also includes integrated cable management channels that allow installers to route bundles of cabling or wire.

Furniture > Flat Panel Mounts

monoprice-PLB-WA8.jpgCompany: MonoPrice, Inc
Product: PLB-WA8
MSRP: $150.96

Monprice provides attractive, high quality mounting solutions at some of the best prices and value around.  All their display mounts are made of the highest grade, heavy gauge stainless steel plates, have reinforced joints and tough, powder coat finishes to provide years of reliable service. They all meet VESA specifications and most are adjustable to fit a wide range of mounting configurations. Case in point, their new PLB-WA8 Multi-Directional Tilt/Swivel mount provides a safe and secure wall mounting solution while allowing for an exceptionally wide range of movement for medium to large flat panel displays.  The mount features a sturdy 25” jointed articulating single arm that can extend, retract and allow the display to swing left and right.  It features both tilt and lateral adjustment to get the perfect viewing angle from any point in the room.

Furniture > Speaker Stands

Gemini_1_Black_Lifestyle.jpgCompany: OmniMount
Product: Gemini 1
MSRP: $69.95

In today’s modern dwellings, dedicated home theaters have become a trend of the past with more and more consumers choosing to bring home entertainment into more traditional living spaces. OmniMount’s Gemini speaker stands offer a stylish, functional, highly affordable solution to bring the sounds of movies and music into every room.     OmniMount’s Gemini 1 speaker stands’ exclusive design offers the greatest versatility of any speaker stand on the market. By including interchangeable base inserts that offer four color options, these speaker stands can easily adapt to any change in décor. Its small, lightweight design, only 10.5 X 8.5 at the base, allows the Gemini 1 to be placed out of the way, so you hear it, not see it. The adjustable post of the Gemini 1, ranging from 31-45 inches, allows you to move the speakers up and down to provide the perfect sound for every room configuration. As with all OmniMount speaker stands, the Gemini 1 features an in-post cable management which conceals up to 14 gauge wire, allowing for neat and clean lines while protecting the speaker wire.

Category: Home Theater Systems

Home Theater Systems > 5.1/6.1/7.1 Systems, receiver and/or DVD

BDV-IT1000.jpgCompany: Sony Electronics Inc.
Product: BDV-IT1000ES
MSRP: $2000

Enjoy the magic of Hollywood from the comfort of home with the BDV-IT1000ES 5.1-channel Blu-ray Disc player home theater system. It epitomizes performance and style with Full HD 1080p resolution for amazing pictures and beautiful sound with exclusive, incredibly thin speaker technology. With two HDMI inputs and infrared (IR) in/out, you can connect and control additional compatible HD sources. Make the most of your Blu-ray Disc entertainment and download available bonus materials and games with BD-Live and an Ethernet connection. This system also has S-AIR Digital Wireless technology that supports the included wireless surround speakers and provides optional multi-room listening possibilities.

Category: Media Systems

Media Systems > Media Players/Streaming

vunow-hand.jpgCompany: Verisimo Networks
Product: VuNow VN1000 HD
MSRP: $149

Verismo Networks’ VuNow Internet TV platform is redefining the way consumers access and enjoy Internet video – enabling them to stream a wealth on online video content directly to their televisions without a computer.     According to a recent report from comScore, Americans watched over 11 billion online videos during July 2008. The majority of these videos were watched on a computer. VuNow Pod offers these consumers a better alternative for enjoying online content in the relaxed environment of their living room on a TV rather than a “lean forward” experience of watching it on a computer.     Unlike dedicated boxes available today that just stream a limited selection of online movies, Verismo’s VuNow solution gives consumers the broadest choice of online video content including movies, YouTubeTM videos, live TV channels, as well as access to personal media (such as video, music, and photos) from the home network.

Category: Receivers & Separates

Receivers > Multi-channel

5308CI-angled.jpgCompany: Denon Electronics
Product: AVR-5308CI
MSRP: $5500

Denon’s flagship AVR-5308CI is a 12-channel THX Ultra2 Surround EX Certified A/V receiver that provides ultimate high-definition audio/video performance, plus advanced multi-zone distribution and networking capability.  For ultimate-quality video performance, the AVR-5308CI  includes six HDMI inputs/two HDMI outputs certified for HDMI1.3a with support for xvYCC and 36-bit Deep Color, plus a Silicon Optix Realta HQV chipset for enhanced video with upconversion to 1080p. The AVR-5308CI also includes support for Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD Master Audio decoding.  It allows for second zone video output via component with onscreen display for meta-data from iPod/XM/HD Radio/Streaming Audio.  Three discrete tuners (AM/FM, HD Radio (multicast) and XM Ready (via optional XM Radio Mini-Tuner & XM Radio subscription) provide for multi-zone distribution. Adding to its convenience and flexibility, Denon provides a free upgrade for owners of the AVR-5308CI for both Sirius Radio readiness as well as Audyssey Dynamic Volume.

Separates > Preamps/Processors

AV8003-angled.jpgCompany: Marantz America
Product: AV8003
MSRP: $2599.99

Today’s modern home theater is increasingly called upon to provide users with a luxury-class multi-zone audio/video experience. The Marantz AV8003 A/V Preamplifier/Processor is a THX-Certified, 1080p scaling, multi-source/multi-zone processor that offers an elegant solution for distributing ultimate-quality audio and video entertainment to three separate zones within the home. Featuring a brand new chassis design and a host of advanced features and capabilities, the innovative device provides users with new levels of flexibility, convenience and performance in whole-home entertainment connectivity, offering an exciting solution for expanding and enhancing the enjoyment of home entertainment, including today’s advanced high-resolution audio and video formats. In addition to a built-in digital media player that lets users stream audio and high-definition video throughout their home via Ethernet port from a networked PC, the AV8003 features 7.1 channel Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding, and also features additional THX surround sound post-processing. Able to handle a variety of input sources and formats, the AV8003 is equipped with a quartet of latest specification v1.3a HDMI inputs, which provide high resolution audio format compatibility along with supporting Deep Color and xvYCC extended video formats, for the ultimate picture and sound quality with high definition sources such as Blu-ray.

Specialty > Esoteric & Tube Products

Art.Suono.Pair.iPod.jpgCompany: David Wiener Collection, LLC
Product: Art.Suono Wireless Music Transmission
MSRP: $1499

Art.Suono is both innovative and elegant, a luxury entertainment product ideal for desks, tables and anywhere the need for convenience, performance and superb design coincide. It's also the only music transmission system to combine DWC-Wireless technology and DWC-Aphex music enhancing technology. DWC-Wireless is a proprietary wireless technology that lets users transmit ANY audio source - including iPod, computer, CD player, MP3 player or satellite radio - to ANY audio system. DWC-Aphex circuitry was developed by DWC with Aphex Systems for exclusive use in the DW Collection. Audio engineers and recording artists have long used Aphex circuitry in mastering their albums. DWC-Aphex circuitry makes recorded music sound more "alive" by restoring harmonics lost in compressed music files, and providing better detail, imaging, spaciousness and clarity so each instrument and voice is clear and distinct. It makes music more enjoyable by restoring the brightness, range, clarity and presence artists intended. Art.Suono consists of a compact transmitter, designed to rest on a table or desk, and a compact receiver. Each transmitter can serve up to two receivers allowing multiple music systems to be used in a home or office. Art.Suono also docks and charges any iPod, and includes convenient volume and muting controls.

Category: Transports

Transports > Blu-ray Players

Marantz-BD8002-front.jpgCompany: Marantz America
Product: BD8002
MSRP: $1999.99

The Marantz BD8002 is an advanced Blu-ray DVD player that features the acclaimed 10-bit Silicon Optix Realta chipset for the ultimate high-definition video resolution possible via HDMI 1.3 connection, as well as the finest possible audio performance, including Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio. The BD8002 offers unprecedented levels of quality in both audio and video reproduction, plus exciting new interactive DVD playback features. Among its advanced features is an SD card reader for full interactivity, offering content providers a variety of options for adding enhanced content such as games, movie trailers and more. With its ultimate-quality leading-edge 10-bit Silicon Optix Realta chipset, Marantz’ new BD8002 Blu-ray Disc Player is designed to provide users with unprecedented levels of quality in both audio and video reproduction, plus exciting new interactive DVD playback features. Notably, it also features an SD card reader for full interactivity, offering content providers a variety of options for adding enhanced content such as games, movie trailers and more.

Transports > DVD/Universal Players

DVDA1UD_Front.jpgCompany: Denon Electronics
Product: DVD-A1UDCI
MSRP: $4200

The Denon DVD-A1UDCI Universal Audio/Video Player is a revolutionary new type of leading-edge “total entertainment” source component that delivers unprecedented video and audio perfection, as well as breakthrough network interconnectivity capabilities and advanced gaming capabilities. As Denon’s first Profile 2.0 (or BD Live) Blu-ray DVD player, it incorporates innovative interactivity features that make quite literally the world’s most advanced source component, with a host of 21st century networking facilities. In addition to its ultimate quality video and its DVD-Audio and SACD playback, the DVD-A1UDCI is the world’s first Blu-ray player to feature native output via the HDMI/Denon Link or PCM conversion with full bass management. Furthermore, for unprecedented connectivity to both a host of exciting current-day as well as future entertainment enhancements, it features an onboard Ethernet port allows for Internet connectivity, firmware updates, BD Live interactivity and IP control.

Category: AV Distribution and Accessories

AV Distribution > Wireless Solutions

Gefen-Wireless-HDMI.jpgCompany: Gefen
Product: EXT-WHDMI; Gefen Wireless for HDMI UWB Extender
MSRP: $999

Gefen’s Wireless for HDMI Extender delivers wired-quality audio and video from Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, digital video recorders and gaming systems to HDTVs at ranges greater than typical cabled HDMI solutions. With built-in interference cancellation technology, the Gefen Wireless for HDMI Extender is immune to noise from nearby wireless technologies such as cordless phones, wi-fi networks and cellular phones. With the Gefen Wireless for HDMI Extender, users can place their HDTVs in remote or hard to reach locations without being tethered to cabling, streamlining installations while providing a reliable method of transmission. Resolutions up to 1080p (24 fps) with 5.1 surround sound multi-channel audio are supported at 10 meters (33-feet) in distance or more. In addition to two HDMI inputs, the Wireless for HDMI Extender up-converts legacy component video and analog audio inputs to the HDMI format. It offers Consumer Electronic Control (CEC) support and a traditional IR back channel for control.

AV Distribution > Repeaters, Splitters

monoprice-HDMI-140E3.jpgCompany: MonoPrice, Inc.
Product: HDMI-140E3
MSRP: $334.95

Whether you are look to set up a centralized entertainment system in a home and distribute out to various room, have a sports bar and want to show a program on several screens, or need a video distribution system for a commercial facility, a reliable video distribution system is both economical and essential. Monoprice’s newest 1x4 power HDMI splitter, the HDMI-140E3, allows you to distribute a high bandwidth, high definition HDMI signal to up to 4 different displays.  This unit features compliance with HDMI 1.3 specifications. It supports a operation pixel frequency range of 25 to 225 HHz.It can split multi-channel, high resolution audio formats such as PCM, Dolby Digital, and DTS 7.1. A built-in powered equalizer ensure reliable connections for longer cable runs.

AV Distribution > Baluns & Cat5e/6 Solutions

Niles-CAT5-HDMI-Baluns1.jpgCompany: Niles Audio
Product: Niles HDMI CAT-5 Baluns
MSRP: $249.95

Available in component-style and wall-mount models, Niles HDMI CAT-5 Baluns are compliant with HDMI version 1.3, which enables next generation HDTVs, PCs, DVRs and DVD players to transmit and display content in billions of colors with unprecedented vividness and accuracy. This provides integrators with a solution that utilizes the latest technology for installations already pre-wired with CAT-5 cable. Niles’ HDMI Baluns convert high-definition audio and video signals to balanced circuit topology enabling the signals to be transmitted over long runs of low cost CAT-5/CAT-6 cabling. Operating in pairs, baluns require both a transmitter and a receiver with the transmitter typically located near the source component and the receiver located near a flat panel display.

Category: Accessories

Accessories > Surge Protectors

MIW-SURGE-face-slanted.jpgCompany: Panamax/Furman
Product: MIW-SURGE
MSRP: $69.95

The MIW-SURGE offers protection for high-end displays and other home theater equipment from damaging overvoltages in an aesthetically pleasing manner. For a clean, code-compliant, and professional installation, the surge protection system mounts in a standard 2-gang cutout behind electronic equipment and offers an ultra-thin profile that allows displays to hang less than one inch from the wall, without unsightly cords in the room.    The signal line module bay is unique in that it provides a variety of optional installation solutions by using a Decora adapter to accommodate a variety of audio/video connections; a pass-through insert for a Keystone adapter or rubber grommet; a Keystone 2-port adapter for flexible connection capability; and accommodates optional MIW signal line modules, including the MIW-5RCA, MIW-VGA, MIW-SVIDEO, and MIW-DATA.

Accessories > Power Conditioners & UPS Systems

AV550SC.jpgCompany: Tripp Lite
Product: AV550SC
MSRP: $229.95

The AV550SC Backup Power Block is the only power protection product on the market designed specifically for structured wiring installations. It provides reliable power protection for audio/video components in structured wiring installations, including modems, routers, RF amplifiers, network interfaces, cameras, modulators and similar equipment. In a single compact, easy-to-install unit, the AV550SC supports connected components with reliable battery backup, surge suppression and EMI/RFI line noise filtering. Features include automatic recycle/reset capability with sequential outlet startup for proper modem and router rebooting, a detachable 6-inch power cord, a 12V DC (1-amp) output connector for12V DC devices, 4 AC outlets, HD-compatible 2.2GHz coaxial and telephone/modem/DSL line surge protection and included customizable labels for cord/cable management. Installation is quick and simple, requiring no special tools or hardware.  With power fluctuations becoming more common with the overtaxed power grids, the AV550SC provides the surge protection and battery backup needed to protect home theater components.


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