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Wisdom Audio Insight Series InWall Speakers Preview

Wisdom Audio Insight Series InWall Speakers

Wisdom Audio Insight Series InWall Speakers


  • Product Name: Insight Series InWall Speakers
  • Manufacturer: Wisdom Audio
  • Review Date: September 10, 2012 07:30
  • MSRP: $1250 - $5000
  • First Impression: Gotta Have It!

If you know anything about Wisdom Audio, you understand that thy design speakers for the high end market using their planar magnetic driver technology. Their speakers typically require biampification and external crossovers. Now they've changed all that, making things simpler and introducing a new line of speakers for CEDIA 2012. This is going to be great for custom installers. So now, with the new Insight Series, everyone can jump in and get that great Wisdom Audio sound - the new speakers son't need to be beamed and the crossovers are built right in.

Within the Insight line, there are four models - all of which play down to 80Hz. While they all have the same low extension, they vary in the number of drivers and, therefore, their ability to generate higher levels of output and detail. They are super easy to install, with just basic tools. A standard drill driver is all you need to get the included swing brackets to open outward and hold the speakers securely to the front baffle or drywall. In this way, the infinite baffle design leaves a very reasonable hole that is smaller than with other in-wall speakers we've seen of tho type. The grills are paintable white and magnetic and can be custom made to range in size to match the height of your television.

The four speakers range in price - $1250 (P2i), $1750 (P4i), $3000 (P6i) and $5000 (L8i line array). These are hot new products for custom installers and we think they will be a hit for high-end home theater installations.

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