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RBH "Reference" Signature In-Walls

RBH SI-6100/R

RBH SI-6100/R


  • Product Name: RBH
  • Manufacturer: Reference Signature In-Walls
  • Review Date: January 05, 2009 13:35
  • MSRP: $3,309 to $949/each
  • First Impression: Gotta Have It!


  • The SI-740/R features a single woofer and tweeter, can handle up to 175 Watts, has a frequency response of 60Hz-20kHz ±3dB and has a suggested retail of $949/each.
  • The SI-760/R features dual woofers and one tweeter, can handle up to 250 Watts, has a frequency response of 60Hz-20kHz ±3dB and has a suggested retail of $1,209/each.
  • The SI-770/R has the same driver complement and performance specifications as the SI-760/R, but is specially designed to be directly installed into custom cabinetry. The SI-770/R’s suggested retail is $1,209/each.
  • The SI-6000/R features four woofers and one tweeter, can handle up to 300 Watts, has a frequency response of 45Hz-20kHz ±3dB and has a suggested retail of $2,049/each.
  • The SI-6100/R features four woofers and three tweeters, can handle up to 500 Watts, has a frequency response of 45Hz-20kHz ±3dB and has a suggested retail of $3,309/each.

We have long appreciated the quality of RBH Sound offerings here at Audioholics. While we love our freestanding speakers, it is clear that the market for in-wall speakers is an important one and growing. The References line of Signature speakers from RBH has long been without an in-wall counterpart - no more.


The five Signature Reference In-wall models are the SI-740/R, SI-760/R, SI-770/R, SI-6000/R and SI-6100/R. To sonically match the Signature Reference freestanding models, each Signature Reference In-wall model incorporates one or more upgraded, high performance proprietary 6.5-inch aluminum cone woofers borrowed from RBH Sound’s sister company, Status Acoustics. These woofers feature a fixed-phase plug which reduces acoustic “beaming”, while simultaneously increasing power handling. High frequencies are reproduced by high end magnetic fluid-cooled tweeters featuring exceptional power handing and excellent dispersion characteristics.

RBH hasn't left much to chance with these speakers. Aside from the high quality drivers, each speaker incorporates its own backbox for ensuring sonic performance and easy installation. After installation, the only part of the speaker that is visible is the baffle and either a black or off-white grill. Starting at just under $1000 and running up to $3300 each, these are definitely a higher end offering. But given our experience with RBH Sound, they are likely worth every penny plus some. We look forward to hearing these at CES and in a dedicated review soon to follow.


For more information, please visit rbhsound.com.

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