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KEF Ci160QR Speakers - Great Room


Ci160QR in-ceilingWe began in the largest room of the house, the great room.  This room has 14 foot ceilings and is approximately 20 x 15.  We decided that four KEF Ci160QR speakers would provide the best possible coverage for the room.  This speaker is comprised of a 6.5 inch woofer and a .75 inch aluminum dome tweeter with KEF's "tangerine" waveguide for high frequency dispersement. 

We were able to measure out the spaces between the ceiling joists to choose a symmetrical array for the four speaker locations in the room - basically near what would be the four corners of the room.  Using the guideline from the round template we had traced on the ceiling, we used a small, hand-held drywall saw to cut the holes.  We dropped the speaker cable from the attic through each hole, then climbed a ladder in the room and terminated the ends of the cable and attached them to the Ci160QR's.  Each speaker has 3 recessed screws around the perimeter of the woofer, and after placing it into the hole, all you have to do is turn the screws counter-clockwise to tighten the built-in clamps, and that's it!  It was a very smooth and simple process, and we never had any issues getting the speakers locked in flush with the ceiling. 

Once in place, the metal grille easily snaps in place via hidden magnets.  Each grille comes with a small KEF logo pin that can be removed, if so desired.  Since the grilles are held in place with magnets, it is very easy to rotate and position the grille with the logo exactly as you please.

Listening Tests

The great room often found us listening to the entire Beatles catalog on shuffle from our iTunes library.  Having four Ci160QR's (installed as 2 stereo pairs) proved to blanket the room with sound, and provided excellent coverage at moderate listening levels.  The highs were excellent, while the mids and lows left a little to be desired.  For ceiling-mounted speakers, the bottom end was adequate, although the audioholic in me wanted a subwoofer when we turned it up.  Delicate songs like "Blackbird" really shone on the 160's, while more rockin' tunes such as "Revolution" made me crave my full-bodied tower speakers.  But to be fair, at normal (background or ambient) listening levels, the 160's performed well.


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qaci777 posts on April 17, 2013 11:52
Nice idea dude that you hang the speakers for whole house which is good one i do not have much idea that which speakers is the best but now i work on it that which speakers brand is the best…
RalphK posts on April 15, 2013 18:59
I have 4 new in the box never used KEF custom CR200 F in wall speakers. I got them at an estate sale. Are they worth cutting holes in my walls?
birdonthebeach posts on June 15, 2011 22:06
acacia987, post: 815655
Did you use an external amplifier (in addition to the Sonos)? Any use of separate Impedance matching volume controls in the rooms?

I used a Yamaha M-35 amp in the great room paired with a Sonos ZP90 pre-amp. In the other rooms I used the Sonos ZP120's with built in digital amps.

All of the volume controls are through the Sonos interface on iPhones or Macs, so no, there are no impedance matching volume controls on the walls.
acacia987 posts on June 15, 2011 08:46
Did you use an external amplifier (in addition to the Sonos)? Any use of separate Impedance matching volume controls in the rooms?
AcuDefTechGuy posts on June 14, 2011 08:29
I would love to have either KEF or Revel In-Ceiling speakers in my next home.
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