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Xbox Live Marketplace to Sell Full Game Downloads

by November 14, 2007
Xbox Live Marketplace Turns 5

Xbox Live Marketplace Turns 5

Tomorrow Xbox Live turns five - and on December 4th will try to keep some old games alive.

Since its launch on November 15th 2002, Xbox Live has generated a user base of about eight million gamers - it's widely considered the top feature of Microsoft’s Xbox game consoles. For the fifth anniversary of the Xbox Live launch, there will be a lavish celebration complete with giveaways to loyal customers. On December 4th a whole new feature will emerge on the Xbox Live Marketplace: complete game downloads.

Has it really been five years already?

True to Microsoft Marketing form, the software giant with a game controller in its hand wants to turn Xbox Live’s birthday into an event to remember.

A few events planned for the birthday of Xbox Live

  • On Nov. 15th Download any Xbox Live Arcade game - FREE

  • 500 Microsoft points to any active Xbox Live Gold member

  • Unnamed exclusive content available on Live Marketplace

  • All day tomorrow – win prizes and giveaways just for playing games

  • Plenty more Live events and memories to be recounted

A software update will be available on Dec. 4th, giving your Xbox360 the ability to download a short list of Xbox games. Dust off those long forgotten neural pathways, my friends. You’ll soon be revisiting such classics as Crimson Skies, Fable, Psychonauts and the original console shooter that saved the universe – Halo.

Each Xbox game will be available on the Live Marketplace for 1200 Microsoft Points or $15.

But it's difficult to believe there would be much of a market for outdated game downloads. Xbox Live Arcade seems to be a popular feature, but its games are so old they’re pure nostalgia. What original Xbox games would you want to play again for $15?

Still, with all the freebies and events planned on Live tomorrow, I have a feeling workplaces across America will experience heavier than usual incidents of the flu. See you on Live!

About the author:

Wayde is a tech-writer and content marketing consultant in Canada s tech hub Waterloo, Ontario and Editorialist for Audioholics.com. He's a big hockey fan as you'd expect from a Canadian. Wayde is also US Army veteran, but his favorite title is just "Dad".

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Recent Forum Posts:

Jim Robbins posts on November 16, 2007 16:22
I'd like to do a seven drive raid5 array with 20gb hard drives. Just kind of glue them all together on the side of my 360 there. It would be fantastic! That would give me the same amount of space as the single 120gb, of course, but it would be fault tolerant and probably really fast! Hmmm…
Wayde Robson posts on November 15, 2007 10:33
I was only joking about the array obs
obscbyclouds posts on November 15, 2007 10:23
Wayde, post: 329931
Sheep brings up a good point

So what happens when something goes wrong (which it will) and your HD erases and you loose all your downloaded games that have no physical form?

Actually, he has no clue what he is talking about. Anything you purchase (with the exception of movie RENTALS, obviously) from XBL can be downloaded/erased as many times as you want! If you suffer a hardware or software failure and need a new console, there's no problem getting the content again.
Wayde Robson posts on November 15, 2007 10:03
I may have seemed a bit sarcastic about the idea of playing the old games when there are great new ones. I am still curious how well they'll sell.

I think they should make all games available by download. They could just do without the whole retail side. I know the retailers have relationships with Microsoft/Sega/Sony etc and they'd be resistant to this change. But the whole idea of walking into a store to buy software is soooo - last century.

Sheep brings up a good point

So what happens when something goes wrong (which it will) and your HD erases and you loose all your downloaded games that have no physical form?

I have an idea…

The new Xbox360 redundant Raid array!
GlocksRock posts on November 15, 2007 09:11
obscbyclouds, post: 329918
I haven't heard any specific details other than it will be released Dec 2-4. Easily worth $15 to play it on XBL. I remember playing CE back with my original X-BOX using Xbox Connect on my PC, it was a blast, but you've never seen such lag!

I used to do the same thing, and it was fun… but I'm not sure how much I would enjoy playing Halo CE again since I've been playing a lot of Halo 3 lately, and it's pretty similar. I just hate that it takes so long for the shield to recharge.
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