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Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive Price Reduction Plus 5 Free Discs

by July 26, 2007
Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive

Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive

Microsoft announced an impending price cut to the add-on HD-DVD player for the Xbox 360 as well as joining Toshiba’s software promotion at Comic-Con International 2007.

Xbox 360 HD DVD Player Moves to $179, Adds Five Free HD DVDs

As of August 1st, 2007, the price of the drive will be reduced from its current $199 retail to $179, and any player purchased between August 1st and September 30th, 2007 will be eligible for participation in Toshiba’s ‘Perfect Offer’ and receive five free HD-DVD’s.

Microsoft emphasized the value of the HD-DVD add-on as the most affordable way to enjoy high definition content. With the addition of over $140 dollars worth of retail HD-DVD’s, it is certainly a cost effective way to enjoy actual HD content.

Microsoft also plans promotional efforts to include exclusive Xbox LIVE content to support the release of the HD-DVD versions of ‘300’ and the Heroes: Season 1 boxed set. Available content will include various promotional material including trailers and teaser scenes, and for a limited time, Xbox LIVE members will be able to download the pilot episode of Heroes before the box set is released.

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