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Want a Surround Soundbar? Aperion Wants to Give You One!

by January 06, 2011
Thatd look perfect under the display in my office now that you mention it.

That'd look perfect under the display in my office now that you mention it.

You may not be on the market for a surround bar but you'd take one if someone gave it to you right? Maybe for that bedroom system that you've been suffering with only the TV's speakers because you're wife gives you the look every time you suggest running more wires? Maybe for you game room or the kids room? Now that you're thinking about it, we bet you can come up with tons of use for a surround bar. Now if only you had one. Well, Aperion Audio is looking to help you out with that. How? By giving one of their SLIMstage30 surround bars to one lucky forum member. All you have to do is register for the forum and answer a couple of quick questions. Now that's not so hard is it? Especially for a surround bar that retails for $599? Yeah, that's what we thought.

Also, Olive Media is giving away one of their O3HD Media Servers valued at $999. Now that is something that everyone can use. Except the kids. They can keep their grubby little hands off of it. The Olive contest is almost over (it ends on the 7th) so get your entries in now. The Aperion contest ends on the 31st. Make sure you check out the eligibility for the contests. Most of all, have fun and good luck!

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