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Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Audioholics SOTU Trade Show Event

by September 17, 2008


As you may be aware by now, Audioholics is throwing its 10th Annual State of the CE Union Trade Show Event & Party on October 23rd and 24th at the Disney Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida. You’ve heard about all the great sponsors and the cool NEW stuff they will be exhibiting, demoing and giving away, the live entertainment and semi formal dinner event and Halloween costume party, the educational seminars, etc, etc. Perhaps you’re on the verge of selling the idea of attending to your significant other, or trying to convince yourself to take a few days off from your daily routine to hang with us in sunny Florida.

Tabulated below are the top 10 reasons to attend the Audioholics Event and Party. Print these out, READ them, then REGISTER and fax us back at (888) 205-3402.

10. Finally get to go to a convention where you don't have to lie about being an industry professional to get in.

9. Bragging rights on our forums to those unfortunate souls that couldn’t make it.

8. Ask a question during our live AV Rant podcast and get Internet Famous™.

7. Finally hear demos at a trade show that actually sound good.

6. Get a door prize that doesn't suck.

5. Our exhibitors know their products. You won’t have to contend with this.

4. See Sarah Palin in a bikini... Well, not really, but seeing how we will be hosting a Halloween costume party/dinner function, anything is possible

3. Tons of FREE food, FREE party swag and a very good chance at winning a complete 5.1 A/V system

2. You get to poke fun at Audioholics staff wearing ridiculous Halloween costumes

1. It’s a 4 day weekend at Disney with your friends at Audioholics. Do you really need any other reasons?

Registration deadline is September 29th !!!!

Mention this article (Top 10 Reasons) to receive FREE Registration.

Well there you have it. So what are you waiting for? There is no better time than now to register for this event. Don't just read about it or watch it via video feeds on our site, experience it LIVE.

Eat, Listen, Experience, Learn!


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Gene manages this organization, establishes relations with manufacturers and keeps Audioholics a well oiled machine. His goal is to educate about home theater and develop more standards in the industry to eliminate consumer confusion clouded by industry snake oil.

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