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TiVo Users Can Order Amazon Movies via Remote

by July 16, 2007
TiVo adds downloadable movies fromAmazon.com

TiVo adds downloadable movies fromAmazon.com

Users of Tivo's Series 2 and Series 3 PVRs can now order movies from Amazon.com. The new "Unbox on TiVo" service allows customers to download from a selection of over 10,000 movies and shows over high speed Internet. All of this is done simply via remote control and pricing is set at about $4 for a movie rental and $2 for a television show. These movies and shows will then be available for viewing on your TiVo once they have been downloaded fully to the set-top box.

The service, first announced in February of this year, does away with the need for an intermediate PC to be involved in the purchase process. Now all you need is a remote control and a five-digit password that keeps babysitters and the like from maxing out your account without your permission.

With TiVo, Wal-mart, Microsoft, Amazon.com and even Apple Computer all trying to find ways to bring content into the home, it is no wonder that consumers are somewhat hesitant to take advantage of high definition DVD formats. It would appear that the direct-to-consumer model is slowly making its way forward and soon physical media will no longer be the dominant method of HD content delivery to the home.

Combine this announcement with the new legislation breaking apart the cable monopoly and forcing the use of CableCards and consumers may be in for a lot of much-needed competition and expansion in this market.

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