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Sony Announces VPL-VW60 Black Pearl Projector

by August 21, 2007
Sony VPL-VW60 Black Pearl Projector

Sony VPL-VW60 Black Pearl Projector

It's coming. September 20th. The Black Pearl. No, not the Pirates of the Caribbean movie - the new projector from Sony. I won't talk about the reputed spec of 35,000:1 contrast ratio because as we all know that can only be experienced by a blind man in a black hole, but the predecessor to this, the VPL-VW50, showed exceptional promise and we're confident the updated model will dazzle us at this year's CEDIA in Denver.

The VPL-VW60 is very much similar in form factor to the VW50, but it adds some features that are only now available due to HDMI 1.3 and the latest silicone. Here is the quick breakdown on specs:

  • Three 0.61-inch 1920 x 1080 Sony SXRD panels deliver full 1080p (50/60/24) HD resolution and cinema-quality smoothness
  • LMP-H200 200W high pressure mercury lamp
  • Lens: 1.8x zoom (f18.7~33.7mm /  F2.54~3.53)
  • 1000 lumens
  • Stated contrast ratio of up to 35.000:1 with Advanced Iris 2 for manual contrast settings
  • Adjustable Lens Shift for easy set-up (Vertical: 65% up or down, Horizontal: 25% left or right)
  • Trigger output
  • RS-232S
  • Powered by BRAVIA ENGINE EX for enhanced depth, clarity and definition
  • Natural color reproduction thanks to ultra-bright 200W Ultra High Pressure lamp that achieves better reds
  • 2 HDMI, component, VGA (component 2), composite and s-video inputs
  • Bravia Theatre Sync enabling you to operate your projector and entire home cinema system by pushing one button
  • Backlit remote control for great functionality in dark settings
  • Ceiling mountable with optional PSS-H10 ceiling bracket
  • 3000 hour lamp time estimated
  • 22dB fan noise

The VPL-VW60 will be available to buy from Sony in September of this year 2007 (just following CEDIA) for an estimated retail price of around $3900.

AndrewLyles posts on August 26, 2007 01:27
I'm very excited about this…it looks like they increased the brightness a bit with this model. Anyone know if the HDMI 1.3 guarantees this supports deep color or not? I also like the fact they're lowering the price of this compared with the previous model…good call Sony!

I keep reading comparisons of the Pear vs. JVC so I'm hoping that this annual refresh/tweak brings Sony to the top of the budget heap.
louthewiz posts on August 23, 2007 20:02
I might need to mortgage my home to get one.
djoxygen posts on August 22, 2007 18:14
Heh.. heh…

“latest silicone”…
BMXTRIX posts on August 22, 2007 09:39
I'm really struggling…

On the one hand, I want to upgrade the 50“ plasma to a Pioneer 60” model, on the other hand, I want to upgrade the PT-L300U to a new 1080p model. The prices keep dropping on these things and the quality keeps getting better…

I just need to work a few more side jobs and get both!

Wish we knew what the native refresh rate of this projector was or if it operated at dual refresh rates.

1080/24p acceptance is worthless without 24/48/72/etc. native output.
NainoKami posts on August 22, 2007 06:38
I'm just wondering how it compares to the JVC DLA-HD1/RS1 as I am seriously considering upgrading my Sanyo…
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