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RPG Room Optimizer & Sizer Software Packages

by November 30, 2004

RPG, a company well renowned for its acoustical treatments have designed two software packages to help the DIY audio enthusiast cure their acoustical problems.

RPG Room Optimizer Software

A new approach to automated optimized listener/loudspeaker placement Room Optimizer™ is a Windows program to help determine the optimum locations for listener and loudspeakers in a rectangular room.

There have been various approaches that suggest room dimensions and the positioning of listeners, loudspeakers, and acoustical treatment within a room. The need for a new optimized approach grows as we move from stereo to 5.1 multi-channel music and home theater digital surround formats. In these new musical delivery formats, the room design and loudspeaker/listener placement become much more complex. For example, in a typical 5.1 or 7.1 home theater you may have to determine the best location for the listener, 5 or more loudspeakers and multiple sub-woofers. Room Optimizer™ is a novel coupling of modern room acoustics prediction techniques with iterative multi-dimensional optimization methods. The program carries out an automated search for the best positions for listener and low-frequency loudspeakers in a rectangular room.

The methods used are complex, but proven over time. If you really want to blow your mind-take a look at the theory behind the program which is detailed in this White Paper .

RPG Room Sizer Software
Many audiophiles wonder, "What's the perfect sized room?" Is it the golden ratio or something else? Room Sizer has been developed to enable the optimization of small room dimensions for improved low frequency performance. The criteria for room size being to minimize the coloration effects of low frequency modes monitored by a predicted modal response. The method is an improvement on previous methods in that the theoretical basis is a more accurate model of the room response than examining the modal spacing in frequency for a rigid box. The system is flexible in that it can search for the best dimensions within constraints set by the designer. Furthermore, the procedure has flexibility in that as better prediction models of rooms become available, they can be used in the general optimization design procedure. Results demonstrate that the new search method produce room sizes that match or improve on the room ratios published in current literature.

Special Offer with the Rives Audio Test CD 2. You may have already read the Audioholics Review of this unique Test CD which compensates for the non-linearities of the Radio Shack SPL meter. With this tool, you can validate the theoretical results of the Optimizer and Sizer inexpensively and effectively.

From now until December 31 st , 2004 , Rives Audio will give all Audioholics members a Test CD 2 for free with the purchase of the Optimizer and Sizer. If you only need either the Optimizer or Sizer, Rives will give you $5 off the price of the CD.

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