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Paramount to Stream Ass

by December 13, 2007
Like the Internet needed more ass

Like the Internet needed more ass

Unbeknownst to the players in the format war, the world moves on without them. In a slightly unexpected, and somewhat confusing, move, Paramount Pictures will premiere the new Jackass movie on the Internet instead of in theaters. Let's all pause for a moment while we ponder all the reasons why this movie was the first to do this. Jackass 2.5 will hit the net on December 19 and will be available to stream off its own site (you'll need to install Microsoft's Silverlight media player to do it) with some commercials through the 31st (merry Christmas?). Blockbuster is apparently sponsoring this limited time run.

You'll be able to "download to own" the movie from Blockbuster's movielink.com, iTunes, Amazon.com and other participating services until January 1st when it you will also be able to "download to rent" it from movielink.  If the Internet isn't your thing, you can buy the unrated DVD with bonus features and 45 minutes of extra footage or rent it exclusively from Blockbuster starting Dec 26th. Confused?

  • December 19 - Can stream movie with commercials for free
  • December 26 - Can buy DVD from stores or download services. Can rent movie from Blockbuster only
  • December 31 - Last day to stream movie
  • January 1 - Can't stream movie, can do everything else plus can download to rent from movielink

Clear? As mud maybe and I'm not even sure I got it right. The key to this story is not so much the movie or all the different ways that they are getting it to you, it is that Jackass 2.5 is the first of the movies that Paramount will be releasing in this way. Is that cool? Why yes, yes it is. We're sure the industry will be paying very close attention to how well this new paradigm works out for Paramount.

davo posts on December 13, 2007 22:25
Join the Dots…

This should be interesting as it will provide a glimpse into what the future holds.
By offering it for free Paramount (read Microsoft) are not so much as testing how popular the movie will be, but more likely testing the infrastructure to see if it is a viable way to get the movie out.

Microsoft has long touted the internet as the future of accessing movies, but the quality of the download will be anyones guess.
Here's a thought, does the lack of quality in down-loadable music stop people buying it? Join the dots.

The future of high def movies could be in question.
yettitheman posts on December 13, 2007 17:26
Aw… I was wanting a load of $$.
Audioholics posts on December 13, 2007 14:26
Haha, replace the *** with “a s s” (no spaces) to get to the article…
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