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Olive Releases OPUS No4 and MELODY No2

by April 04, 2008
Olive OPUS No4

Olive OPUS No4

Olive Media today introduced a complete home audio solution that provides music lovers with the easiest to use, most convenient way to enjoy high-quality sound in every room of their home. The centerpiece of Olive's latest product innovation is the new line of OPUS No4 digital music servers, storing up to 3,000 CDs in original CD quality, and delivering them in breathtaking sound. Music stored on the OPUS No4 can now be accessed and played anywhere in the home with Olive's new MELODY No2, wirelessly and in up to ten different rooms simultaneously. Both the OPUS and the MELODY come with a high-resolution color touch-screen and an innovative new interface to allow users to quickly and conveniently find the right music.

"Until today, the experience with your fine, unique music collection has been merely fractional." says Oliver Bergmann, Ph.D., CEO and President of Olive Media Products, Inc. "Instantaneous access to all your music, everywhere within your home and in pristine quality has been an either or choice. With the new OPUS and MELODY product line the combination of all of these benefits, which opens up revolutionary new ways to enjoy your music, has finally become reality."

To allow users to navigate even the largest music libraries with ease both the OPUS No4 and the MELODY No2 feature a new high-resolution color touch-screen, driven by Olive's MusicAware user interface. MusicAware leverages 4 patent-pending innovations to provide unprecedented depth and ease to music listening. One of the key innovations is a genre-dependent playback screen, allowing the OPUS and MELODY to display music information that is particular to each music genre, e.g. showing orchestra, composer and composition date for classical music. Music genres are also color-coded for fast and easy recognition.

Following the principle of "store once, enjoy everywhere", the OPUS No4 accommodates even the largest libraries with up to 3,000 CDs in original quality. To allow seamless music streaming to Olive's MELODY the new OPUS uses a high-speed processor and high-range WiFi and Gigabit Ethernet, delivering music to up to ten different rooms simultaneously.

The MELODY No2 also plays music off other home audio sources such as media servers or computers that support the common UPnP standard. Users can enjoy private or shared playlists depending on their preferences, e.g. "wake-up- gently" and "lullaby-lane" in the baby room, or "classical chill" in the living room.

Set up of Olive's new audio solutions is a snap. Like a standard CD Player they are both connected directly to an amplifier or receiver via their analog or digital outputs. No software installation is required. If connected to the internet users can enjoy a wide range of pre-selected high-quality internet radio stations, which, similar to digital or satellite radio, provide more detailed music information such as artist, album and song. However, they are freed from any subscription fee. To address the popular market of portable players Olive has equipped its OPUS and MELODY with a USB interface. In combination with a special connector (optional) they allow users to play back music directly form their Apple iPod. If connected to the OPUS No4, users can access their Apple iPod from any MELDOY within their home, adding de facto multi-room capability to their portable player.

Based on Olive's long-standing experience in engineering high-quality audio solutions the new OPUS and MELODY have been designed to support HD audio playback in 96kHz/24bit, corresponding to 250 times the resolution of CD music. Other sound-critical components such as a high-resolution Digital-to-Analog converter, a low-noise power supply, and, in the OPUS No4, a family of ultra-quite hard drives cushioned in 8 layers of padding further enhance their astounding sound reproduction capabilities. Besides its engineering excellence Olive has received wide press recognition and numerous awards for providing customers with a convenient one-stop solution to moving their CD collections to a high quality music library. As one of a kind Olive offers a free Preload service that frees users of the time consuming process of manually ripping their CDs. Olive continues to lead the music industry in digital home audio products that deliver amazing quality sound at affordable prices.


The new OPUS No4 is available for pre-order immediately for a suggested retail price ranging between $1,499 and $1,799 depending on hard-drive sizes delivering 320GB up to 1TB of storage. The new MELODY No2 is also available for pre-order immediately for a suggested retail price of $599. Olive's products are made available worldwide through a network of Olive Certified Resellers, within the Unites States they are sold exclusively through Olive (www.olive.us).

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Olive is a privately held company driven by a team of music aficionados with a vision to create the perfect audio experience and making it simple and affordable for everyone. With a deep understanding of audio and convergence technology Olive ignited the market for high-quality home audio solutions, which it continues to lead. Olive's OPUS and MELODY networked libraries and players deliver the best of both worlds, combining high fidelity sound with innovative features, intuitive navigation and attractive design. For more information about Olive and its many fine products visit www.olive.us or call 1.877.BY.OLIVE.

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