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NEC to Showcase Innovative Consumer Technology at CES 2005

by December 22, 2004

NEC will introduce sever a l new products a nd highlight its wide r a nge of consumer solutions a t the Intern a tion a l Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world's l a rgest a nnu a l tr a deshow for consumer technology a nd Americ a 's l a rgest tr a deshow, J a nu a ry 6 - 9, 2005 , in L a s Veg a s . At booth #15200, NEC will exhibit a n a ssortment of recently l a unched products, including the HT510 home entert a inment projector, the ND-3500A DVDRW drive a nd the 232E High Definition Mobile+ fitness phone, a longside products to be a nnounced a t CES, such a s a new f a mily of fl a t p a nel liquid cryst a l displ a ys (LCD) a nd sever a l extensions to existing series' of NEC-br a nded monitors.

Backed byalegacy of international market leadership, NEC has more than 100 years of experience, resourcesand deep knowledge of global markets in the core high-technology sectors of communications, computersand electronic components. Leveragingahistory of innovation, which includes recognitionasaworld leader in new patentsand the first to market witha61-inch plasmadisplay, NEC brings forth high-endapplicationsand extends its diverse offerings to the consumer market.

"The breadth of NEC's technology leadership is founded in researchand developmentand is brought to life in the solutions we develop," said Hirofumi Okuyama, presidentand CEO, NEC USA, Inc. "We create the innovation that empowers people toachieve their goals by delivering performance-driven products. Committed to our Corporation's global slogan 'Empowered by Innovation,' weare relentless in our desire to innovate not only the livesand businesses of our customers, butalso societyasawhole."

CES represents the first event in years where NEC will showcase its complete portfolio ofU.S.consumer electronics, including:

Home Theater

NEC is dedicated to building its largeareadisplay business for the consumer market in theU.S., with prices startingat $1295. At CES, NEC will highlight its Showcase Series(TM) of consumer projectorsand plasmadisplays, offering first-time buyers to discerning enthusiastsacomplete range of vivid,adaptableand reliable largeareadisplay choices. Now consumers can outfit their entire home, room-by-room, with NEC displays.

Larger than Life Displaysand Digital Signage

Building onatradition of LCD qualityand innovation, the NEC Large-Screen LCD Series, which includes the 40" (40"VIS) NEC LCD4000and 30" (29.5"VIS) NEC LCD3000, features the latest inadvanced LCD technologies. The displays' screen performance brings ideas to life, capturing theattentionand imagination of viewersand ensuring that messages reachaudiences with maximum clarityand impact.

Flat Panel Desktop Displays

Offerings will include flat panel LCD monitors that boast cutting-edge technology that emits crisp, brilliant, true-to-life images to enrich 3D gaming, streaming video, photo viewing/editingand the Internet. At CES, three new flat panel displays will be launched, including the much-anticipated NEC MultiSync GXand WXM Series, generating excitementamong the gamingand home entertainment communitiesandanew family of flat panel monitors, delivering exceptional qualityand performanceataffordable prices.

Computer Components

NEC offers it's Double Layer DVDRW kitaflexible, high capacity, reliable device ideal for burningand recording DVDsand CDs. Consumers can burn, copyand store video, photos or music on Hollywood quality format. NEC will demonstrateat CES the ND-3500-A DVDRW drive, the latest in performance-driven DVD burner solutions. The NEC ND-3500A offers double layer 16X DVD+/-R/RW speed, supportsall major brands of mediaand is compatible withall major PC brands. Easy to installand featuringaQuick Start Guide, the NEC ND-3500A is the ultimate DVD writer upgrade.

Mobile Communication Solutions

Leveraging NEC's worldwide market presenceas the largest supplier of W-CDMA handsetsandaleading handset manufacturer inJapan, NEC delivers the High Definition Mobile (HDM(TM)) series of handsets to theU.S.consumer. Focused on delivering multimediaapplications inamobile format, NEC will show its 535M HDM handset,a1.3- megapixel cameraphone with video,and its 232E++ HDM fitness phone,an EDGE-enabled handset, which offersaone-stop mobile source for health-related information.

NEC willalso showcase their MobilePro(TM) 900 Series,an easy-to-use handheld PC, where consumers have the choice of the MobilePro 900c withaMicrosoft® Windows® CE .NET operating system or the MobilPro 900 with Microsoft Windows Handheld PC 2000 operating system. Both handheld devices have powerful Intel® PXA255 processors, providing "instant-on" delivery ofapplications,along with size, speedand connectivityadvantages. The MobilePro 900 Series includes Microsoft® Word, Excel, PowerPoint,and PDF integrated viewers, plus productivity tools that enable personalapplications to be loaded,along withadvanced USB functionality. Currently there is no other handheld computer device in the same classas the MobilePro 900.

Additional NEC Activitiesat CES

In booth # 9032, NEC will haveaprototype of the world's first 3-generation compatible HD DVD drive on displayas wellas its current HD DVD drive that recordsand plays back both presentand next-generation DVDs. Separately, in theadjacent Las Vegas Hilton hotel, NEC will haveasuite to demonstrate its semiconductor products for the digital consumer market.

About NEC in theUnited States

NEC isarecognized global leader in serving businessesand people worldwide with innovative technology for more than 100 years. By leveraging its strong heritage, NEC deliversawide range of solutions in virtuallyallaspects of business communications, Internet operations, computers, semiconductor technologyand consumer electronics, including home theater, displaysand digital signage, flat panel desktop monitors, computer componentsand mobile communications solutions.

NEC maintainsastrong presence in theUnited Statesoffering productsand services that empower its customers to unleash new creativity, takeadvantage of new opportunitiesand realize their goals.

NEC isaregistered trademark of NEC Corporation.

+HDM is not meant to imply compliance withany HDTV (High Definition Television) or similar HD standards.

++E stands for EDGE

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