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Monster Cable Sues Blue Jeans Cable

by April 08, 2008
Monster "Sues" Blue Jeans Cable

Monster "Sues" Blue Jeans Cable

Monster Cable has issued a Cease-and-Desist order to Blue Jeans Cable (Tartan Cable) over analogue cable connectors. In particular, the design of the Tartan component, composite, coax digital and stereo audio cables supposedly violates Monster Cable's design patents. From the letter:

It appears that the design of the connector portion of the Tartan Cable component video, composite video, stereo audio cable, and coaxial digital cable infringes a variety of our client's design patents, including patent nos. D456,363, D366,863, D367,036, D376,580, and D366,862 (see Exhibits A-E enclosed herewith), along with our client's related trademark registration nos. 2,060,139 and 3,075,541, (see enclosed Exhibits F and G) and trade dress rights. Furthermore, the connector housing design of the Tartan Cable S-Video cable appears that it too may infringe the aforementioned '363 design patent.

Monster Cable is insisting that Blue Jeans Cable immediately cease and desist all sales, offerings, advertising, distribution, manufacture use and importing of the aforementioned cables. In addition, Monster is insisting a RECALL of such products and a full accounting of all units sold including profits made form the sales.

Monster is expecting an answer by the 11th of April.

While we don't speak for Blue Jeans Cable, we'd like to supply an answer on their behalf: "Mwuhahahahaha, haha, haha.. ahem. *cough...."

We thought there had been a lull in the numerous Monster Cable lawsuits which had percolated throughout the industry in the last few years. Apparently the lawyers needed more to do.

Design patents represent nothing more that that: design. There is no technological content within design patents. The net effect is that Monster cable suing Blue Jeans is like you suing someone who copied the custom paint job on your car.

What makes this even more comical is that the owner of Blue Jeans Cable is a lawyer by trade. We hope he takes this as far as it needs to go to shut down the lawsuit and end this nonsense.

For a long time, we've actually stated a general dislike for Monster Cable's connections that are mentioned in this letter and associated exhibits. They frequently tear off RCA connections as they attach themselves too tightly to the receiving end and require massive amounts of twisting in order to release them safely - something not always possible in cramped quarters and closely spaced connection blocks. If anything, Blue Jeans has improved the connector and perhaps should license the improvement to Monster Cable - of course that has more to do with a real patent than a simple design patent.

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