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Mitsubishi to go Wireless WHDI with AMIMON Tech

by August 20, 2008

Mitsubishi picked AMIMON to fill the tech gap for its new LCD TV with an integrated HD wireless link (the technology used is called WHDI). AMIMON is a semiconductor technology company specializing in wireless HD video. The new Mitsubishi display is set to release in the Japanese market first. The LCD TV will come embedded with AMIMON’s wireless technology, capable of delivering uncompressed HD video streams without the use of HDMI cables. The wireless HDTV is a two-piece system comprised of a slim and thin LCD panel and a separate HDTV receiver unit that transmits wireless HD video to the LCD panel.

The new flat panel displays from Mitsubishi are being dubbed the "Living Fit" line. The line is sleek and slim and feature the new wireless HDMI tech which will send both audio and video over the air to the display at resolutions up to 1080i (1080p is technically possible at 24/30 fps).

The Mitsubishi wireless HDTV product will enable consumers to have a “layout-free” elegant LCD panel without the hassle of running audio and video wires to the panel. The wireless HDTV will enable flexible placement of HD source devices such as AVRs, DVRs, DVD players, set-top boxes (STBs) and game consoles anywhere within the room and throughout the home. The product is planned to be released in the Japanese market this fall.

AMIMON’s wireless technology uses a unique video-modem approach to deliver wirelessly uncompressed HDTV with a range of over 100 feet (30 meters), through multiple walls and with latency of less than one millisecond. AMIMON’s Wireless High Definition Interface technology offers universal, high-quality and robust wireless whole-home HD connectivity.

Audioholics posts on August 21, 2008 09:27
September 3-7.
GlocksRock posts on August 21, 2008 09:10
When is CEDIA?
ivseenbetter posts on August 21, 2008 09:09
What about wireless component? I don't want to buy the HDMI module for my panasonic plasma…
Audioholics posts on August 21, 2008 07:59
There are a host of wireless HDMI products coming to market. I'll be outlining these and tracking them down at CEDIA this year.
ivseenbetter posts on August 21, 2008 07:42
Sweet…how long until it comes to the US? How much extra is this new tech going to cost?
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