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AV Quick Takes: Klipsch Reference Premiere Subwoofers

by May 17, 2023
Klipsch RP Subs

Klipsch RP Subs

Klipsch has announced four new subwoofers designed to match the power and performance of its Reference Premiere range of speakers, including the ever-popular RP-600M II bookshelf speakers ($749/pair). These are the first subs from the brand specifically designed for the Reference Premiere line. Klipsch calls these new subs “hyper-efficient, with the optimal balance between amplifier power, driver capability, and cabinet volume.” The result is a line of subwoofers offering “maximum low frequency extension with great output, accuracy, and speed,” according to Klipsch.

The Klipsch Reference Premiere series includes four subwoofer models:

Klipsch RP1600SW

Klipsch RP-1600SW

The flagship RP-1600SW ($1,799) has a 16-inch woofer driven by a class-D amp rated at 800 watts RMS (1600 watts peak). The sub is rated down to 14Hz (±3 dB). The RP-1600SW weighs 111 pounds and measures 23.39” high, 23.5” wide, and 27.35” deep.

The RP-1400SW ($1,399) uses a 14-inch woofer driven by a class-D amplifier rated to deliver 500 watts RMS (1000 watts peak). The sub is rated down to 16Hz (±3 dB). The RP-1400SW weighs 84 pounds and measures 21.34” high, 20” wide, and 25.67” deep.

Klipsch RP1400SW

Klipsch RP-1400SW

The RP-1200SW ($999) uses a 12-inch woofer driven by a class-D amplifier rated at 400 watts RMS (800 watts peak.) The sub is also rated down to 16Hz (±3 dB), but it can’t play quite as loud as the larger 14-inch sub. The RP-1200SW weighs 69 pounds and measures 18.89” high, 17” wide, and 25.92” deep.

The RP-1000SW ($749) has a 10-inch woofer driven by a class-D amplifier rated at 300 watts RMS (600 watts peak). The sub is rated down to 19Hz (±3 dB). The RP-1000SW weighs 57 pounds and measures 16.64” high, 15” wide, and 24.96” deep.

Klipsch RP1000SW

Klipsch RP-1000SW

All of the Reference Premiere subwoofers use newly-designed front-firing spun copper “Cerametallic” drivers, which Klipsch describes as “exceptionally light and extremely rigid, providing remarkable low frequency response with minimal cone breakup and distortion for higher, cleaner output using less amplifier power.” The amplifier design features an analog preamp stage, which “maintains the original signal path for cleaner, true-to-source reproduction,” and a high-efficiency Class D output stage to ensure “maximum output, detail, and low frequency power.” The variable low-pass filter and phase control switch allow the user to tweak the subs’ performance to suit the main speakers and the listening room. The front-firing slot port allows for placement flexibility. It’s a new Aerofoil slot port design with proprietary internal geometry. Klipsch says that the port’s Internal Flare Technology minimizes port noise, helping the subs to deliver clean, undistorted low frequencies.

Wired inputs are limited to a stereo pair of line level RCA jacks, one of which can double as an LFE input. But the subs also work with Klipsch’s WA-2 Wireless Subwoofer Kit (sold separately for $179), which reportedly allows high resolution wireless connectivity for easy placement “anywhere in your room,” and optimizes both output and low frequency response. The user can connect up to four WA-2 wireless kits to compatible Klipsch subwoofers in a single room. In an interesting twist, the RCA and WA-2 wireless inputs can be used simultaneously. This would allow a single sub to be used in two different systems in the same room. For example, the wireless connection could be used to connect a sub to an AV receiver, while the wired connection could be used for a 2-channel system.

The Reference Premiere subwoofers are finished in a scratch-resistant ebony vinyl that “looks like real wood,” according to Klipsch. Rounded corners, shock-absorbing rubber feet, steel grille posts, and a woven cloth grille complete the look. The subs are covered by a five-year warranty. The Klipsch RP-1000 and RP-12000 Reference Premiere subwoofers are currently available to purchase while the RP-1400 and RP-1600 are on pre-order from authorized dealers, like our friends at Audio Advice.

Our own James Larson will be doing a thorough review with measurements of the new RP-1600SW so stay tuned to get a full realization of what these new remarkable subs from Klipsch can do.


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