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HEGEL Comes to the US

by August 06, 2009


HEGEL Music Systems is an esoteric brand well known in such circles. HEGEL prides itself on not only it's innovative technology, but also that it assembles locally. Starting this month HEGEL, will bring their line of DACs, CD transports, Preamps, Amps, and Integrated Amps to the US. While HEGEL has been shipped internationally for years, this is the first time they will be assembled and warehoused in the US reducing shipping times and prices. Technical support and maintenance will also be handled locally in Iowa.

There is a lot of info about HEGEL on their website, much of it about how they design their own products in Norway. They hold a patent on an amplifier design to reduce intermodulation distortion, while actually increasing damping factor called "SoundEngine." They offer your usual assortment of Amplifiers and Preamps but also USB soundcards for integration with a computer. All of their products include some sort of proprietary design that makes them unique over the competition.

Price wise they are definitely in the realm of the esoteric but not as sky high as some of the more audacious offerings. Their least expensive offering is a Separate DAC that retails for $1,200 with the most expensive a 2x300 watt amp that commands $8,100. While this might sound outrageous to the Average Joe, for the esoteric crowd this is a positive bargain (and maybe even an impulse buy). Prices and full press release to follow. For more information, please visit www.hegel.no.

Model #


Retail Price


Separate DAC SPDIF & USB









Integrated Amplifier With Built-In USB DAC2 x 100 watts



Integrated Amplifier 2 x 200 watts









Power Amplifier 2 x 200 watts



Power Amplifier 2 x 300 watts


Press Release:


-- American Audiophiles Will Soon Have Access to One of Europe’s Finest Audio Brands; HEGEL Music Systems --

FAIRFIELD, IOWA, July 15, 2009 – HEGEL Music Systems, world-renowned for high-performance audio electronics, brings their elite line to US shores, beginning August, 2009.

Bent Holter – Founder and Visionary
Founded in Norway in 1988 by chief designer, Bent Holter, HEGEL has been among the top tier of European audio electronics for 2 decades. For the past 11 years, HEGEL has been shipped world-wide.

Asked why he decided to bring his vaunted HEGEL brand to the US at this time, Holter replied: “Many of today’s ‘high-end’ brands are OEM’d from a few common sources. Innovation has been supplanted by expedience. Over the past 20 years, HEGEL has developed and patented breakthrough technology that sets us apart from our competitors. This innovation gives HEGEL an identity and a distinct edge over brands whose products are often only distinguished by their faceplate.”

“The current financial crisis benefits HEGEL. Our combination of proprietary in-house technology, combined with locally out-sourced assembly, enables HEGEL to deliver highly competitive prices in tough economic times.”

Holter further observed: “With HEGEL’s patented SoundEngine technology, we use feed-forward instead of feedback. The result is vastly reduced intermodulation distortion, while actually increasing damping factor”.

Ben Gosvig – US National Sales
Heading US operations is Scandinavian-born Ben Gosvig. For the past 20 years, Gosvig has been a player in the US audiophile scene, first as founding member and VP Marketing of Enlightened Audio Designs (EAD), and for the past 7 years, National Sales Manager for DALI Loudspeakers. Gosvig built both brands from inception to prominence in the US market.

Says Mr. Gosvig: “Rarely does one have the opportunity to bring a brand as established and highly regarded as HEGEL into the world’s largest consumer market. Once I saw and heard HEGEL products, I knew this was a rare find.”

Ben joins forces with Anders Ertzeid, of HEGEL Music Systems in Norway, to build distribution and marketing of HEGEL in the US market.

Resources in the US
All HEGEL products will warehoused in the US for immediate shipment. Marketing, technical support and service will be handled locally, in Fairfield, Iowa.

Lordoftherings posts on August 14, 2009 04:36
haraldo, post: 610210
Unfortunately shipping cost makes them much more expensive in US but this is good stuff :-)

I don't doubt it :-)
haraldo posts on August 14, 2009 04:10
Lordoftherings, post: 610125
No, Thanks to you, I read some of your posts on other threads, and they were intelligent with eloquence, and honest understanding.

Best regards,

Wow, what can I say other than it's very very nice to hear such things :-))))))

I can say that Hegel do have a very very good name around here and very good reputation, for “killing” high profile names. Especially their power amps. I never listened to them, perhaps I should….

Unfortunately shipping cost makes them much more expensive in US but this is good stuff :-)
Lordoftherings posts on August 13, 2009 22:47
Thanks to you too.

haraldo, post: 609957

No, Thanks to you, I read some of your posts on other threads, and they were intelligent with eloquence, and honest understanding.

Best regards,
haraldo posts on August 13, 2009 16:25
Lordoftherings, post: 607875
I'm proud of you man.

Lordoftherings posts on August 08, 2009 22:15
haraldo, post: 607340
Finally, in the US, you get some real equipment from a proper country !!!!

Norway that is, yes

I'm proud of you man.
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