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HDtracks Launches DRM-Free HD Music Downloads

by April 11, 2008
HDtracks Launches DRM-free HD audio site

HDtracks Launches DRM-free HD audio site

Announcing the Launch of HDtracks.com, The Web’s Premier High Resolution Music Store Created by renowned audio pioneers David and Norman Chesky, HDtracks.com is the world's first high resolution digital music site offering DRM-free music in multiple formats, as well as cover art and complete liner notes.

"High quality recordings have been my life's passion, and I wanted to create a digital music site that music lovers would enjoy. With HDtracks you truly get the same level of quality that you receive when buying a CD from a traditional record store," says three-time Grammy nominated composer and producer David Chesky.

HDtracks offers the highest quality file formats for any platform or media player. Consumers can choose the file type that best suits their needs: AIFF, FLAC (both CD quality), or 320 kbps MP3. In the near future, select titles will be offered as DVD-Audio quality 96/24 FLAC files.

The HDtracks catalog is comprised of many of the finest independent labels in the world, such as the audiophile-oriented Reference Recordings and Chesky Records, David Byrne’s eclectic world music label Luaka Bop, and avant-garde imprints such as Mode Records and John Zorn’s Tzadik. Other genres such as indie rock (Bar None, Daemon), jazz (Sunnyside, Evidence), and blues (Alligator, Blind Pig) are well-represented, with more content added to the site daily. Moreover, a freshly-inked deal with The Orchard, a leading global digital music distribution and marketing company, guarantees that the HDtracks catalog will continue to grow exponentially.

Additionally, HDtracks offers comprehensive editorial content, with complete liner note scans offered with every album purchase. "If I buy a Stravinsky or McCoy Tyner recording, I want to know who is playing, where it was recorded, as well as any other behind the scenes information I can get,” says David Chesky.

HDtracks customers can browse full artist biographies, album descriptions, reviews, and label affiliations, resulting in a more informative way to buy and enjoy music online. “HDtracks is a site made by music lovers for music lovers,” remarks David Chesky. “We are not a computer company. It is our desire for technology to serve the music, not the other way around.”

smurphy522 posts on April 14, 2008 14:03
I can attest that while the offering from Chesky is somewhat small; what is offered is superior in quality (as compared to what you get in the “new releases” selection - at any store). The recordings I own from Chesky are top notch and there's no crap offered (quality wise). The offerings are in the lines of: Jazz, Blues, Swing and Classical.

It is what it is: pure music, the sound is untouched in feel and carefully selected.

davidtwotrees posts on April 11, 2008 19:05
Chesky is a big name in the recording business……what is different here than what is offered at MusicGiants? And does it sound like dvd-a is still alive?!
BobMac posts on April 11, 2008 15:10
I love the idea of lossless downloads, but where's the stuff I want? Oh, yeah…Piratebay.
Dezoris posts on April 11, 2008 13:07
Good info I will keep an eye on that site for future releases.
tomd51 posts on April 11, 2008 12:44
“HD Music Downloads”? Not Quite Yet…

The fact that they don't offer any “HD” tracks right out of the gate is kind of like a popcorn fart of a release. I can get CD quality, DRM-free tracks lots of places as it stands. As for HD audio, that's not so readily available and would be a welcome sight/site.

I'd love to see something like this flourish as I'm sure many hi-res music fans here would as well. When they actually offer the “HD Music Downloads”, then I'll be interested. Until then, they're just another “me too”… -TD
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