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Genesis Announces Next Generation 5-Series Loudspeaker System

by August 03, 2006

Seattle , WA - Genesis Advanced Technologies, manufacturer of legendary audiophile loudspeaker systems, is proud to announce the next generation of the highly regarded Genesis™ 5-series loudspeaker - Generation III.

This latest version of the Genesis 5-series loudspeaker improves on the previous generation, which was most recently featured on the cover of February 2006's issue of Stereophile. "The new G5 represents a change in design direction for the company," said Mr. Gary Leonard Koh, President of Genesis. "Careful steps were taken to raise the impedance of the crossover in the frequency ranges most affected on the previous model. The higher impedance and new crossover makes it easier for real-world amplifiers to drive. That results in a loudspeaker that will be able to realize its potential when used in any music-lover's system."

"The new G5 sounds very much better than the previous generation and can be driven by all amplifiers, not just the megabuck monster amps. This is because the system, comprising the power amplifier, speaker cables, and the loudspeaker, is more synergistic. There is a sense of ease and dynamics that makes the music sound all the more real. It is all about balance - a $16,000 loudspeaker should not need a $30,000 amplifier to drive it. With the built-in 500W servo-bass amplifier powering the woofer section, a decent $2,000 integrated amp will be able to drive this latest version!"

[Reardownshot_white_small] The G5 features a unique suspension system for the cabinet so that it can be used on the many types of flooring encountered throughout the world - including uneven natural stone tiles, granite and marble floors, deep pile carpet, and suspended wooden floors. It is like the suspension system of a racecar. Spikes and a suspension frame hold the loudspeaker rigidly for best imaging and bass control. Neoprene decouplers act like shock absorbers, making sure that the whole thing does not rattle on rough roads. The result is cleaner, much tighter bass, a more precise and holographic soundstage, and better imaging in more rooms and installations.

"Having listened carefully to the feedback from our loyal end users, and importantly, our own ears, many of the awe inspiring and greatly admired sonic characteristics of its predecessors - Gen V and G501 - have been reincorporated into the new G5, but with better implementation and further use of current technology," said Production & Development Manager, Mr. Michael Valeri. "For example, the newly designed 8-inch woofers use a stronger motor structure, stiffer frame, and larger suspension to achieve higher SPL's with less distortion. Recessing the front tweeter has improved imaging and off axis response by reducing diffraction effects caused by cabinet interactions. Increasing the slope of the rear baffle on the head to just the right angle enhances the overall effect of the rear tweeter. This, coupled with the reworking of acoustic treatment in the midrange cavity deepens the sound stage creating an even more accurate and enjoyable 'live music' listening experience. These are just a few of the upgrades we've achieved after numerous hours of real world evaluation and testing in a variety of listening environments using all types of electronics. A 'no compromises' approach has been taken to ensure that this speaker can be incorporated into any number of situations producing nothing less than spectacular results."

"The latest G5 is the result of much feedback from our dealers. They wanted a speaker that was easier to match to the different amplifiers they sold. They wanted a speaker that would be easier to place in their customers' home. We now also feature a new high-gloss Titanium finish to complement the existing Arctic Silver and High Gloss Black," said Mr. Brian Tucker, Director of National Sales. "Custom colors can now be ordered. Now's the chance for you to get a pair in 'passionate purple' or whatever other color you can dream up."

"More features have also been loaded in. For example, the servo-bass amplifier now allows for both single-ended and balanced inputs and outputs for LFE - because most home theater systems only have single-ended outputs. The woofers are also now much more robust to take the punishment served up by movie soundtracks, but still are quick enough to accurately recreate the subtle nuance of Ray Brown's virtuosic double bass. In fact, the three new long-throw woofers move more air and have much lower distortion than the four woofers in the original Gen V."

"Despite all the improvements, the latest version of the Genesis 5 maintains the same price as the previous version at $16,000. It should be noted that the original 5-series was released at $14,500 in 1995. Our popular competitor was at the same price then, but now, their latest version costs over 50% more than our latest version" continued Mr. Tucker.

The Genesis 5 loudspeaker retails for $16,000 in High Gloss Black, Titanium, and Arctic Silver. They will be available through authorized Genesis dealers and distributors worldwide. Complete specifications for the G5.3 loudspeaker can be found at www.genesisloudspeakers.com .

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