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Enter to Win: Moshi Audio Clarus Earphones!

by June 05, 2012
Moshi Clarus In Ear Monitors

Moshi Clarus In Ear Monitors

Moshi Audio and Audioholics are teaming up to bring great audio to your ears! For three lucky forum members, Moshi is giving away a set of their highly anticipated Clarus In Ear Monitors (a $200 value)! Check out our forum for specifics. From our Review: 

"We listened to a lot of music on these earphones, including classic rock, R&B and even streamed some movies from Netflix. Our overall takeaway was that the Clarus earphones produced a full sound that was energetic and fun, with plenty of bass and lots of upper-midrange. If you like high-end style and you want comfortable earphones with a good amount of bass, check out the Moshi Audio Clarus earphones for yourself - you'll be pleasantly surprised."

Free headphones and all you need to do is be a forum member and answer a question? Check it out now and good luck!

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Recent Forum Posts:

Tom Andry posts on July 02, 2012 00:35
Congratulations to BMXTRIX, flamingeye and trufunk for winning a new pair of Clarus Earphones!
kibbyster posts on June 29, 2012 15:30
headphone contest

comfort, sound quality and price
nickthefly posts on June 28, 2012 16:26
What are the (3) qualities that make your favorite headphone better than others you’ve tried?

jdcsi99 posts on June 27, 2012 11:23
Sound quality, durable, comfortable fit.
dad311 posts on June 27, 2012 01:52
What are the (3) qualities that make your favorite headphone better than others you’ve tried?

Great fit. Does not fall out while running.
Great bass, but not bloated bass.
Not flashy/ no bling just great sound.
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