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eD Upgrades Classic Subwoofers

by October 30, 2009
eD A3-250 Subwoofer

eD A3-250 Subwoofer

Elemental Designs (eD) have been busy of late offering new materials, new subs, and new finishes. Now, they have taken a step back and are looking to trickle down some of those upgrades to their classic models. The A2-250 and A3-250 are two low profile models that are front ported, have a 10" downfiring woofer, and are 13.75" x 13.75" x 24.5". This deep but low to the ground design is perfect for placement along a wall or off to the side (theoretically behind a couch as well but you'd better make sure it is well made). The differences between the A3 and A2 is simply the amplifer (the A3 sports 300 rather than 200 watts) and the price ($400 vs. $325). 

eD is looking to upgrade these subs in a number of ways. First they are going to switch from the standard MDF to their new favorite material EFS (Environmentally Friendly Substrate). This material is better to work with as it doesn't contain harmful chemicals, is more inert than MDF and therefore flexes and resonates less than MDF. This material and a redesign of the enclosure allowed eD to actually increase the internal volume of the two subs slightly providing slightly more low end extension.

One of the more recent announcements from eD was that they have released more decor-friendly finishes. The A2-250 and A3-250 will receive the same treatment. The A2 and A3 will be offered in not only a matte finish (rather than the bumpy "ruggedly handsome" finish that really looked like it was designed for the back of a truck) but also can be wood veneered at a premium. You'll need to contact eD directly for that option.


Lastly, both of the subs are benefiting from upgraded amps. The LT line of plate amps have been upgraded and include soft-clip circuitry and active overload filtering. The A2-250 retails from the eD website for $325 with the A3-250 coming in a $400.

For more information, please visit www.edesignaudio.com.

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