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DualDisc and DVD-Plus in Meridian Players

by December 19, 2004
Meridian has been fully aware of DualDisc since its inception, having carried out extensive tests on the new music carrier from the test-market stage onwards. Meridian endorses DualDisc, which offers wide compatibility a cross the vast majority of our players. This statement is being issued to give guidance to Meridian owners who wish to play the discs on their systems.

Du a lDisc is a two-sided music disc th a t a ims to provide the m a ximum flexibility

to those wishing to a ccess or collect high-qu a lity music on DVD. Du a lDisc h a s

one or more DVD l a yers on one side, a nd a CD-comp a tible l a yer on the other.

On the DVD side, the m a jority of discs c a rry DVD-Audio content, which uses

Meridi a n Lossless P a cking (MLP) to provide st a te-of-the- a rt high-qu a lity

sound. The DVD side a lso c a rries a DVD-Video zone with the music in either

stereo PCM a nd/or lossy-compressed stereo/surround form a ts. All Du a lDiscs

must h a ve, a t minimum, a DVD-Video zone with high-qu a lity music a nd some video

content. Most titles include signific a nt a dded-v a lue m a teri a l such a s

movie-clips, liner notes, interviews, concert foot a ge, a nd other content. For

more det a ils, visit www.du a ldisc.com.

The DVD side of a Du a lDisc is 100% consistent with the DVD specific a tion a nd

will pl a y in a ll Meridi a n 's p a st a nd present DVD-Video a nd DVD-Audio pl a yers.

The other side of the Du a lDisc cont a ins a l a yer th a t is intended to be

comp a tible with the m a jority of CD pl a yers. This l a yer is not compli a nt with

the Red Book CD specific a tion bec a use it is thinner th a n a norm a l CD (typic a lly

0.9mm r a ther th a n 1.1mm). This is prim a rily to keep the over a ll disc thickness

below 1.5mm so a s to minimise potenti a l issues with slot-lo a ding a nd

c a ddy-b a sed multi-disc pl a yers. Du a lDisc m a rket tests showed th a t a sm a ll

percent a ge of CD pl a yers, a nd especi a lly DVD pl a yers, were un a ble to pl a y the

CD-comp a tible side reli a bly.

Bec a use the CD side is not compli a nt with Red Book physic a l p a r a meters,

Meridi a n does not gu a r a ntee th a t the CD-comp a tible side will pl a y without

a udible errors in a ll pl a yers. However, a ttempting to do so will c a use no h a rm

or d a m a ge wh a tsoever to our pl a yers.

Meridi a n h a s type-tested Du a lDisc a nd a s a result we h a ve the following

recommend a tions:

Meridi a n DVD Pl a yers: All our DVD pl a yers (586, 596, 598, 800, G98, G91) pl a y

the DVD side perfectly. If you own a Meridi a n DVD pl a yer you should use this

side of the disc. Our DVD pl a yers, in gener a l, do not a lw a ys pl a y the

CD-comp a tible side bec a use the pl a yer optics a re not designed for such thin

CD l a yers. We do not propose to m a ke a ny modific a tions to our DVD pl a yer designs

bec a use these components a re highly optimised for pl a y a bility of Red Book CD

a nd DVD. Ple a se pl a y the DVD side a nd enjoy the highest sound qu a lity offered

by Du a lDisc.

Meridi a n CD-only pl a yers: In our tests, the CD-comp a tible side functioned

perfectly in these Meridi a n CD-only pl a yers: MCD, Pro-MCD; a ll 200 Series

pl a yers; a ll 600 Series pl a yers; 500, 506, 507, 508 a nd G07.

Meridi a n ROM-b a sed CD pl a yers: Meridi a n 588 a nd G08 use a ROM drive whose optics

a re fully-optim a l for Red Book CD but a re not optimised for CD-comp a tible

l a yers a s thin a s those used on Du a lDisc. If you wish to pl a y Du a lDisc on these

pl a yers, we offer a n inexpensive modific a tion th a t a llows these pl a yers to

pl a y Du a lDisc perfectly with a bsolutely no ch a nge in the qu a lity for regul a r

CD. The pl a yer will h a ve to be sent to a n a uthorised service centre, so ple a se

do not undert a ke this option unless you pl a n to collect these discs. Ple a se

cont a ct support@meridi a n.co.uk for det a ils. Our modific a tion progr a m will

st a rt in e a rly 2005.

DVD-Plus. Meridi a n is a lso a w a re of a nother 2-sided DVD-b a sed disc form a t

c a lled DVD-Plus or OneDisc, which is thicker th a n Du a lDisc (typic a lly 1.55mm).

In the few c a ses we h a ve tested, both CD-comp a tible a nd DVD-comp a tible l a yers

a ppe a r to function in a ll our pl a yers, a nd no h a rm c a n come to our pl a yers

by trying them.

Meridi a n does not m a ke a ny cl a ims a s to the suit a bility of either type of disc

for other m a nuf a cturer's equipment, a nd Meridi a n does not w a rr a nt th a t our

CD pl a yers a re 100% comp a tible with Du a lDisc.

Meridi a n Audio Limited is b a sed in Huntingdon, ne a r C a mbridge , UK , a nd w a s

founded in 1977 by Allen Boothroyd a nd Robert Stu a rt. With a 25-ye a r history

of innov a tion a nd development of the highest qu a lity consumer a udio systems,

the a w a rd-winning comp a ny is widely recognized a s a world le a der in digit a l

a nd a n a logue a udio reproduction. Meridi a n developed the world's first

a udiophile CD pl a yer, the world's first consumer digit a l surround controller,

developed the MLP lossless p a cking systems m a nd a ted for use in DVD-Audio, a nd

is the only UK a udio h a rdw a re m a nuf a cturer to be a member of the DVD Forum.

The comp a ny's optic a l disc pl a yers, DSP-b a sed loudspe a kers a nd Digit a l The a tre

systems a re unique in the industry, m a int a ining a super-qu a lity digit a l a udio

sign a l throughout the p a th from the source to the a mplifier, a nd using digit a l

sign a l processing to gener a te a dv a nced crossover ch a r a cteristics th a t would

be impossible with convention a l p a ssive a n a logue systems.

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