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Hot Speaker Packages from Destination Audio

by June 10, 2009
Destination Audio EF300 + 12" Velodyne Sub Package

Destination Audio EF300 + 12" Velodyne Sub Package

Occasionally we come across a hot deal and we want to let you know about it. Destination Audio is a sister company to RBH and EMP - both of which are known for their high bang-for-buck offerings. Well, they are at it again with a few new 5.1 deals. Now, while supplies last, you can get a pair of their F300T towers (sister to the RBH TK-5CTs), a pair of F300R bookshelves (sister to the RBH TK-5Cs), and a R300C center channel with a 10" Velodyne Impact-10 subwoofer for $999 or a 12" Velodyne Impact-12 for $1049. This is too good of deal to pass up.

Velodyne has long been known in the world of subwoofers for their offerings and their Impact series is more of the same. The F300Ts are an amazingly detailed speaker for the price especially considering their sister speaker got a 4 value rating from Audioholics when this new package deal is about the same price! The F300R bookshelf speakers alone were considered a great deal in their RBH incarnation at $499 a pair. If you were to buy the speakers separately, you'd be looking a nearly double the sale price. The Destination Audio speakers come in Rosewood or Black though the subs will be black no matter what package you order. Supplies are limited so get your orders in now.

system3.jpgOf course, not everyone is going to have the space for a fully 5.1 system with tower speakers. Destination Audio has put together a second package with their CS100 mini-monitors and a Yamaha YST-FSW100 sub. This is the perfect solution for a smaller room or just for someone looking for an entry level package with a big sound. We reviewed the EMP ECA-4 package a while back (the sisters to these speakers) and gave it a 5 value at a $729 price point. The new Destination Audio deal? $399. I guess that would make it a 5.5, 6 maybe?

There are more speaker package deals going on at the Audioholics store including speakers by Infinity, Dayton, Yamaha, JBL, and EMP. Make sure you check those out as well. Surely, you'll be able to find one that will meet your specific needs.

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