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Denon AVR-3808 and 4308 Upgrade

by October 21, 2008
Denon upgrades AVR-3808 and 4308

Denon upgrade's AVR-3808 and 4308

Denon is now offering to update their AVR-3808 and AVR-4308 for new buyers (between September 1st and December 1st) for free and for $100 for everyone else. This upgrade will add a number of different functionalities including Audyssey Dynamic EQ and Dynamic Volume, Rhapsody support, and more. For those interested, the upgrade is purchasable directly from Denon and will come in the form of a download. Denon recommends that you connect via Ethernet when upgrading. If your receiver is connected wirelessly, you may want reconnect it. Upgrade instructions can be found on the Denon website. Additional features include:

Audyssey Dynamic Volume
Imagine this: you are watching a movie at home through your A/V receiver. People on the screen are whispering and thus you have to put the volume level up to hear what they are saying. Suddenly, there is a huge volume peak (e.g. due to an explosion or TV commercials). You have to immediately decrease the volume again through your remote control to avoid damage to your speakers or your ears. Audyssey Dynamic Volume™ monitors the audio signal moment-by-moment and constantly maintains the user’s desired listening level while optimizing the dynamic range to preserve the home cinema impact.

Audyssey Dynamic EQ
Loudness correction technology to solve the problem of deteriorating sound quality as volume is decreased. This is achieved by taking into account human perception and room acoustics. Even at low playback volume, clear voices, dynamic bass and an enveloping surround soundstage are achieved. Audissey Dynamic EQ™ lets you enjoy the original rich sound at any volume.

CEC HDMI Protocol
The Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) is an AV Link protocol that is used for remote control functions via HDMI.
The CEC feature allows the user to command and control multiple CEC-enabled products with one remote control and for individual CEC-enabled products to command and control each other without user intervention. An example of the latter is to allow the DVD player, when the drawer closes with a disc, to command the TV and the intervening A/V receiver (all with CEC) to power-up, select the appropriate HDMI inputs, and auto-select the proper video mode and audio mode. No remote control command is needed.

With the upgrade you can connect wirelessly or over Ethernet to Rhapsody. You also receive a free month of service with a subscription required afterward.

Sirius Radio
Now you can enjoy Sirius Radio in your home theater with the addition of the Sirius Home Connect tuner (additional cost). Enjoy 198 channels (96 are commercial free) that focus on music, sports, talk, comedy, and more. Subscription required.

For additional information, please visit www.usa.denon.com/upgrade.

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