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Audioholics Teams Up with Evironmental Organization NCCSP at the 2008 SOTU Event

by May 05, 2008

Leading Audio Firm Partners With National Conservation Group To Call Attention To Global Climate Change

New Port Richey, Florida – The nation’s largest on-line audio-visual (A/V) magazine announced plans today to team with a leading conservation organization, the National Center for Conservation Science & Policy (www.nccsp.org), in calling for sweeping changes in government policy on global warming. Both organizations have come together to address global climate change at the Audioholics 10th Annual State of the CE Union Event  at Walt Disney’s Premier Swan Dolphin Resort the week of October 22.

According to Audioholics President Gene DellaSala, “at Audioholics we believe that business needs to be a leader in partnering with conservation groups, the government, and communities to prepare for the changes that are already upon us. This is why we are calling attention to the outstanding work that the National Center is doing on this most pressing issue.”

Dr. Dominick DellaSala, Chief Scientist at the National Center had this to add. “Global warming is the most serious threat we face to our national security and our communities. We need to take action today to reduce energy consumption while preparing for rising sea levels and greater storm surges anticipated in coastal areas like Florida.”

Both organizations believe the incoming administration (after the November elections) needs to take greater steps in implementing rapid-response programs that reduce green-house gas pollutants, the primary cause of global warming, and by funding programs that assist communities in preparing for climate change before disastrous consequences begin to take their toll.

According to a recent climate change report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, the period 1995-2006 ranked among the warmest years since 1850. The rise in temperate in the past 50 years has been nearly twice that for the last 100 years and has averaged about 1° C globally, enough to trigger significant melting of the polar ice caps. Some extreme weather events (like hurricanes, heat waves, massive precipitation, droughts) have increased in intensity over the last 50 years. Such changes are caused primarily by the long-term and widespread burning of fossil fuels and land-use changes such as deforestation. In coastal areas like Florida, a projected global rise of 3-5° C in the next 100 years could completely inundate coastlines, submerging the Florida Everglades and causing billions of dollars of coastal damages.

“Global warming is not just some phenomenon affecting polar bears in the Arctic, said Dr. DellaSala. It’s affecting every region on Earth and we need to start preparing now whether we live in Oregon or Florida. This means not only reducing our energy consumption, but protecting mangroves and other wetlands that anchor coastal areas from rising sea levels and intense storms. With the help of business and local communities, we can make our government more accountable in offsetting serious damages to our economy and environment while there is still time.”

About the NCCSP

The National Center for Conservation Science & Policy (NCCSP) is a leading science and policy think and action tank. Located in Ashland, Oregon, the National Center works primarily on climate change preparation, endangered species, forest conservation, and stream restoration. Dr. DellaSala will be speaking on climate change at the Audoholics event.  The NCCSP is a 501c registered non profit organization.

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