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AVRant #150: HT Guys on AV Rant

by November 03, 2009
AVRant #150: HT Guys on AV Rant

AVRant #150: HT Guys on AV Rant

AV Rant co-host and Audioholics Associate Editor Tom Andry had the opportunity recently to pair up with Braden and Ara of the HT guys for a joint podcast. Tom talks with the guys about them, their gear, and their show. If you’re not already listening, you should. Other topics include how Internet Direct gear can be a theft deterrent. Ara and Braden weigh in on flat panel and DLP displayers. A history of the HT Guys podcast. Braden discovers how to best use his Netflix list. You know what is cool about Internet Direct gear? It doesn’t get stolen. Thoughts on DLP, a HT Guys meetup, and a how their podcast came about. A bit about cable resolution, listener questions, and why they think the DVR is the best thing since sliced bread.

If you haven't had a chance to checkout the HT Guys podcast, this is a great opportunity to learn what they are all about.

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