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Atlona Throws in with HDBaseT Alliance

by May 19, 2011
Atlona Throws in with HDBaseT

Atlona Throws in with HDBaseT

We've been watching HDBaseT with much enthusiasm, seeing it as the next logical evolution of digital audio & video networking. This week, Atlona Technologies  announced it had joined the HDBaseT Alliance. HDBaseT Alliance incorporated nearly a year ago and was formed by LG, Samsung, Sony Pictures, and Valens Semiconductor. The goal was to form an alliance to standrdize and develop a standard for distributing HD audio and video over standard Cat5e or Cat6 cabling - a feat that HDMI simply cannot dream of attaining. HDBaseT is optimized for video applications and can connect all entertainment devices in a setting by providing the 5Play convergence of uncompressed full HD digital video, audio, 100BaseT Ethernet, power over cable, and various control signals.

"We are honored to welcome Atlona as a valued member and representative of HDBaseT Alliance. With support from leading companies such as Atlona, HDBaseT technology is positioned to become the unrivaled next-generation home networking transport. By working collaboratively to leverage our members' collective and invaluable expertise, we are confident we can accomplish this goal."

- Ariel Sobelman, president and chairman, HDBaseT Alliance

Atlona currently offers a number of product solutions for remotely locating computers, video codecs, and matrix switchers that are based on HDBaseT technology. These include the AT-DVI4-100SR and AT-HD4-V110SR DVI HDMI extender kits. The units extend DVI and HDMI transmissions up to 350 feet with resolutions up to 4Kx2K over a single Cat 5/6/7 cable. Later this year, Atlona will introduce its new AT-PRO2HD88M-SR and AT-PRO2HD1616M-SR true 8x8 and 16x16 high-speed HDMI matrix switchers with HDBaseT technology. The switchers extend HDMI sources up to 330 feet at 4Kx2K resolution, in addition to providing analog 2-channel stereo, bidirectional RS-232, and zone-specific bidirectional IR pass-through up to 60 KHz.

jinjuku posts on June 14, 2011 09:25
I always got a kick on jobs where you have an 80 foot run of CAT5e terminating to a gray box and then a 3 foot HDMI cable running out of it. Make it 83ft and plug the frikkin CAT5 into the back of the TV.

In this day and age I'm not sure how a large group of engineers totally whiffed while at the plate when it comes to physical layer of HDMI.
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