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Aragon and Acurus Sold to Indy Audio Labs

by May 13, 2009
Aragon begins again

Aragon begins again

Anyone who has followed the world of high-end home theater may recall the Klipsch-Aragon debacle that resulted in Klipsch buying out, and completely abandoning, the Aragon brand 8 years ago. This occurred when Klipsch purchased selected assets of the privately held Mondial Designs Ltd. in 2001, acquiring the Aragon and Acurus brands of high-end amplifiers, preamplifiers and processors. Now, predictably, the leading global manufacturer of loudspeakers is selling the rights to these electronics brands. What wasn't predicted is that they would sell them to two former Klipsch employees.

According to Mike Klipsch, president of the Klipsch brand, Klipsch purchased the brands because, at the time, it was aggressively seeking new ways to enhance its sound experience and wanted to develop perfectly matched, electronic solutions under the Aragon name. While this sounds nice, the truth is revealed more clearly in the results of the acquisition. Klipsch may have had good intentions, but at least with respect to Aragon, the brand was left to sit and collect dust - effectively ruining the product line. In 2005 they made it official and ceased production of the Aragon line, though they honored warranty terms and provided some customer support.

It was, in effect, a complete waste and one of the poorest (though perhaps not as costly) business decisions we've seen in years.

Today, the discontinuation of Aragon has opened new doors for former Klipsch electronics engineers Rick Santiago and Ted Moore. These two industry veterans, with 36 years of experience combined, have co-founded a new independent startup company called Indy Audio Labs, LLC and plan on developing and marketing new products under the Aragon and Acurus names. Indy Audio Labs will also assume full responsibility for the ongoing service and support of existing Aragon and Acurus products.

According to Santiago, IAL CEO, we are living in a time when traditional home entertainment experiences are being significantly re-defined and enhanced. “In our opinion, few manufacturers have been successful at providing the A/V realism and operational simplicity that consumers want, especially in this new digital media world. Indy Audio Labs is excited about developing future-ready entertainment products that exemplify the high-performance, reliability and ease-of operation of the classic Aragon and Acurus models,” he concluded.

Effective May 18, when people call the Aragon tech support line at (866) 781-7284 or the Aragon service line at (914) 693-8008, they will automatically be forwarded to Indy Audio Labs. Additional support information can be found at www.indyaudiolabs.com.

Personally, we can’t wait to see what’s next for Aragon and Acurus. Anything will be better than what's transpired over the last 8 years - which is basically nothing.

Lordoftherings posts on August 10, 2009 01:09
Thanks man, appreciate that.
luisev posts on August 09, 2009 18:20
Sure… will do…
Lordoftherings posts on August 09, 2009 02:14
Aragon, Acurus & Audio Labs? Or?

luisev, post: 607513
I've sent them an email, so I hope I hear back from them soon.

Hi luisev,

If and when you hear from them, I'd love to hear back from you. Would you please?
Ask them to send you their last brochure on their products.

* Sorry man that I cannot help you with their latest amp's information.

luisev posts on August 08, 2009 10:38
I've sent them an email, so I hope I hear back from them soon.

Has anyone heard any updates? I'm asking as I am the original owner of two Acurus amps, 200x3 and a250, and have enjoyed them for close to 13 years now and need an additional amp. I'm looking to switch from 5.1 to 7.1, so I need two additional channels and would prefer to stay with the same manufacture line. I know I can probably get a used Acurus amp off of eBay or Audiogon, but I'm curious as to what Indy has in mind for the product lines… If anyone knows anything please let me know…
AcuDefTechGuy posts on May 18, 2009 08:26
davidtwotrees, post: 568303
Yeah, I sold two of the same for the same reason! But it was also because I realized what a noob I was “biamping” my mains with those two amps…..

I did like the simple approach to home theatre. It seems to have disappeared from the industry. “Feature rich” seems to rule the day.

I recall reading some lab measurements from 3rd party on the Acurus 200X3 and R10 preamp.

The 200X3 had phenominal measurements. The theme I kept on seeing was “12 times better”. What's that one word that means this?

Anyway, I read the review on the R10 in The Audio Critic, and they mentioned this same theme - “12 times better”, “military-grade quality”, “will last 20 years”, “better measurements than Krell”, etc.

You gotta love a preamp that cost $700 (R10) and measured better than a $4K Krell preamp!

Same thing with the 200X3, which cost around $1K, but measured “12 times better” than many $3K amps.
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