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Alesis SURGEs into Cymbals



  • Product Name: SURGE Cymbals
  • Manufacturer: Alesis
  • Review Date: January 08, 2009 10:10
  • MSRP: $199-$579
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool


  • Genuine lathed, brass-alloy cymbals
  • Unique, patented design for maximum performance and acoustical sound reduction
  • Built-in piezo triggers for industry-wide compatibility
  • Incomparably realistic cymbal feel
  • Traditional cymbal design
  • True cymbal appearance
  • Mountable on standard cymbal stands
  • Includes cables for connection to module
  • Compatible with most drum modules.


  • Outputs: 1 TS, 1/4” (9’ cable included)
  • Zones: one (“open” and “closed” sounds are controlled by separately sold footswitch)


  • Outputs: 1 TS, 1/4” (9’ cable included)
  • Zones: one


  • Outputs: 1 TRS, 1/4” (9’ cable included)
  • Zones: ride and bell
  • Choke Trigger: plastic membrane on underside of cymbal

Alesis announced that its series of SURGE Cymbals for digital drum kits is now shipping. Crafted from lathed brass cymbal alloy and acoustically dampened with a clear vinyl layer, SURGE Cymbals features integrated piezo triggers in rugged ABS housings. Make no bones about it - these are some of the best cymbal triggers you'll ever find - at least currently on the market. They are essentially real cymbals encased in PVC and wired up for accurate triggering. They The cymbals are designed to be mounted on any standard cymbal stand or mounting arm and deliver acoustic-cymbal look, feel, and response with the added benefit of electronic-sound module flexibility. 

SURGE Cymbals are available in two complete sets and five individual models, enabling drummers to customize their setup to their taste. SURGE Cymbal Pack contains a SURGE 12” Hi-Hat Cymbal, a SURGE 13” Crash Cymbal, a 16” Dual-Zone Ride Cymbal, and connection cables. SURGE Cymbal Pack with choke contains a SURGE 12” Hi-Hat Cymbal, a SURGE 13” Crash Cymbal with choke capability; a 16” Dual-Zone Ride Cymbal with choke capability, and connection cables. Models designated ‘with choke’ feature a large strip on their underside, which, when squeezed by a drummer, sends a message to the connected sound module to stop the associated sound that is playing. SURGE 12” Hi-Hat Cymbal, SURGE 13" Crash Cymbals with and without choke, and SURGE 16” Dual-Zone Ride Cymbals with and without choke are each available separately, included necessary connection cables.

SURGE-kitSURGE Cymbals are included with Alesis high-end electronic drumsets including the DM5 Pro Kit with SURGE Cymbals and the USB Pro Drum Kit. SURGE Cymbals are compatible with most major manufacturers’ drum-sound modules and nearly any cymbal stand or mounting system for use with electronic and acoustic drumsets. SURGE Cymbals are now shipping to musical instrument and pro audio retailers and are available at the following MSRP’s: Surge 12” Hi- Hat Cymbal, $199.00; Surge 13” Crash Cymbal, $249.00; Surge 13” Crash Cymbal with Choke, $299.00; Surge 16” Dual- Zone Ride Cymbal, $349.00; Surge 16” Dual- Zone Ride Cymbal with Choke, $399.00; Surge Cymbal Pack, $579.00.

For more information, visit www.alesis.com.

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