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Special EFX: Collection

by December 07, 2006

This CD is a compilation of the very best songs Special EFX has recorded spanning the years from 1985 to 1993. The music style of this band is a bit different from most main stream jazz bands. The emphasis of this music is instrumental containing excellent acoustic and jazz guitar within a new age atmosphere.

Track List

1. Uptown East
2. Jamaica, Jamaica
3. Daybreak
4. Summer's End
5. Udu Voodoo
6. Ballerina
7. Fountain Of You
8. Your Love Has Lifted Me
9. My Place In The Sun
10. Jazz Lambada
11. Quiet Beauty
12. Lady And The Sea, The
13. Dancing With A Ghost
14. Hands Of A Healer
15. Formal Invitation

Sound Quality
Every one of the 15 tracks of this CD was recorded with perfection. The tonal range is excellent, very detailed, yet not overly bright sounding, as some CD's tend to be. Songs such as "Hands of the Healer" really sets a nice relaxing mood with excellent detail in the high frequencies and a larger than life soundstage allowing the listener to float away with the music to escape, at least for a few minutes, the reality of the outside world. The "Jazz Lambada" evaluates one's systems capabilities both musically and tonally. This song allows the listener to get in touch with just how revealing, or unrevealing for that matter, their system is.

This CD ranks amongst the very best in CD audio reproduction for the following reasons:

  • Excellent tonal quality
  • Freedom from harshness in the highs
  • Extremely low noise floor during quiet passages.
  • Very detailed sound spanning full frequency range (20Hz to 20KHz)

If Jazz music is your sort of bag, I highly recommend adding this CD to your collection immediately. With the advent of today's "Smooth Jazz" being spoon fed to us on the radio, it is hard to find some fusion jazz with a progressive / new age twist to it. It is an added bonus when you find such a CD that is also recorded with the emphasis on high fidelity. It is basically a win win situation. Enjoy!


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