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Marillion: This Strange Engine

by December 07, 2006
Track List

1. Man Of A Thousand Faces
2. One Fine Day
3. 80 Days
4. Estonia
5. Memory Of Water
6. Accidental Man, An
7. Hope For The Future
8. This Strange Engine

Marillion is a British Progressive Rock band that started out in the mid 70's and has evolved to the excellent band it is today. Steve Hogarth has been the lead singer since the late 80's and has transformed Marillion into a new modern sound which combined progressive rock with a touch of pop to appeal to the masses.

Sound Quality
Right off the bat, it is obvious that this CD has excellent sound characteristics. It has low background noise during quite passages and has excellent dynamics when appropriate. Steve's voice comes out very clear and you can't help but to get so engrossed in this music that you feel as if you are part of the music. It is such an excellent compliment to discover a CD that not only has excellent sound quality , but the music is meaningful, deep, emotional and very involving. "Memory of Water" is a very emotional song that can bring tears to your eyes if the mood hits you. This is not only because of the lyrics but the realism in Steve's voice. If it where anymore real, he would have to be in your room singing it to you. If you close your eyes, you would be convinced he is. You will find that this CD will grow on you with time. You will want to listen to it in the private with dim lights in the background and, kick your shoes off and relax after a long days work. I Highly recommended this CD for its sound quality and musical content.


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